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Tazartes, Ghedalia: Tazartes (Alga Marghen)

Remastered CD edition of "Tazartes", Ghedalia Tazartes' fourth release from 1987, expanded with the first CD release of "Whatever Works Singing Wild My Rock Ghedalia,"; immersive, transporting, and deeply arresting music from the revered autodidact and audio oddity.

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UPC: 769791758926

Label: Alga Marghen
Catalog ID: TES 089CD
Squidco Product Code: 20232

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2015
Country: Italy
Packaging: Digipack
Recorded in France in 1987.


Ghedalia Tazartes

Raphael Glucksman

Yumi Nara

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"Remastered CD edition of Tazartes, Ghedalia Tazartes' 1987 fourth LP. Now available as an expanded individual CD, this edition was previously only available as part of a CD containing both Tazartes and Diasporas, Tazartes' 1979 debut album, which is also now available in an expanded CD edition).

Immersive, transporting, and deeply arresting music from the revered autodidact and audio oddity. If you've never encountered Tazartes before, this is an excellent place to start, welcoming you to a unique world of exotic, electro, and acoustic sounds, composed according to a genuinely far-reaching and individual agenda.

In addition to the entire original release of Tazartes, this CD also includes the first CD release of "Whatever Works Singing Wild My Rock Ghedalia," recorded in Paris in the early '80s and originally issued as side B of Granny Awards. Spread over five tracks, the piece features a comedic, exuberant vocal set to crackly 78 backing on "Whatever," turns blind corners into ethno-noise trance-outs on "Singing," delivers hyper-rhythmic experiments on "Wild," and closes with a jarring hardcore punk-out in "My Rock Ghedalia." The freedom of expression and taste for exotic, arabesque tonalities is a mighty revelation."-Alga Marghen

Artist Biographies

Ghédalia Tazartès was born 1947 in Paris

"French cult artist Ghédalia Tazartès is an uncompromising character who defies categorization. He recorded alone a dozen of albums, calling his way of working "Impromuz" for lack of a better term. Before the years 2000s, his public appearances remained exceptional events.

Ghédalia Tazartès' music has always been a mystery. It switches from musique concrète to - existing or invented - ethnic music, from poetry to noise, or from loops and collages to sad and extremely beautiful tunes in a second, but it constantly is in flux and coherent.

In 2004, Ghedalia finally decided to do live performances again. He first worked with other musicians (Les Reines d'Angleterre, David Fenech & Jac Berrocal, Norscq & Black Sifichi, Nicolas Lelièvre) and is now a solo performing artist (although his very young son sometimes joins him on stage!).

Since 2009 Tazartes played many shows across Europe. After performing a cinemix to the strange "Haxan" film in 2008, he presented in February 2013 a new solo show at CTM in Berlin Festival to a packed HAU2. The new show is based around the music of Tazartes' lattest album 'Coda Lunga.' Says Tazartes: 'I thought I had only played for 5 minutes in Berlin... then I realised I had been going on for more than one hour!'"

-Julie Tippex Website (

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Track Listing:

1. Merci Stephane 8:35

2. Le Crabe Ne Joue Jamais A La Poupee 1:59

3. Yama Yama 3:11

4. Un Ivrogne Sur Le Mont Blanc 6:41

5. Elle Eut Des Etouffements Aux Premieres Chaleurs Quand Les Poiriers Fleurirent 8:37

6. Comme Cherchant A Comprende .... 4:09

7. Voulez Vouz? 5:51 8. Whatever Works Singing Wild My Rock Ghedalia

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