This Squizzical Dictionary tests you by quizzing you in English and asking for a translation in Spanish. You can also reverse the test and ask to be quizzed in English to provide the Spanish translations, though the definitions are designed for an English to Spanish test.

Over the years I've had a few people try this facility, and I've received some criticism... for one thing there are many cases where more than word can be used to answer the quizz question. For the most I've tried to stick with basic words, but ultimately this becomes a bit of a judgement call on my part and will probably annoy many people.

In fact, I stopped using this version of the quizz except as a quick lookup dictionary, and perhaps that's the only value it has now... you judge for yourself... To be certain I'd love to expand this program (it could use an update) if anyone was interested in backing it. I rewrote a much nicer version of this facility in Java a few years back, which could also be adapted to the web if anyone was interested.

Perhaps more useful, below is a set of reference pages I made for myself on Spanish Basics, with references for most Spanish verb tenses, and other rules and information about the Spanish language.

This test and my Spanish Basics were created to quizz me, and is © Phil Zampino. This was written while I was taking Spanish classes at the NYU School of Continuing Education. I'm happy to report that I'm still (December 2000) studying y disfrutando la lengua!

Make sure to use the Help button in the Dictionary or Phrase tests to read the instructions about entering values for the quizzes.

Sites in Spanish

These pages were made by Phil Zampino. The test was developed on a Macintosh computer, and was written in Javascript. For those interested in Spanish, the Macintosh is, in general a much easier computer to use, as you can enter letters with special characters directly from the keyboard, unlike Winders...

Please send any corrections, complaints or disagreements to Phil Zampino.