liver - seeking to slather toxins (a song)

belly stretchs, skin is pried
to a slather spitting mouth
gaping passage stomach size
but in fact it's liver's route

splurch! it's out
lurching looks: red brown
gasping trout: restless
leaps at last: in search of ill

harbored in sick purity
(it was up to like 5 miles day)
liver yearns for filthy feed
(much more rampant than we understand)

livers leaves for toxins
parts the flesh its locked in
leaves for love of poisons
slather gasp and it's gone

oblate flat the liver ride
through the air within the sky
some poor, uh, smurf
looking for the filthy earth

"splat" by the dumpster fall
"smack" goes the chewing sound
"swap" as it sucks it all
picking up to search for others

cancer sources are its need
make it fail and make it bleed
against the major members,
putrid feat it won't remember

"thwack" at the druggist's door
"thump" in the cleaning chest
"thlurp" as it licks the whore
throbbing brown it seeks the rest

livers freedom - hours now
searching senses - odor swells
dumpster choking - toxins grow
churning bile - in for the kill !

lurch, all wrong
liver's trapped white stump
apron coat cleaver
onto plate - with onions broil