Hamburger (Which is life)

He: There's something here in hamburger.
She: A lot of meat, that's all
He: Sizz. Sizz. Sizz. (painful expression) No, I' mean there's something here.
She: In your head?
He: Not the bread; that is, meat. There's something here in the meat.
She: Why hamburger?
He: Clothes strewn about, one inside the other.
She: Why hamburger?
He: You dying in the lid.
She: Why hamburger?
He: I remember my birth...
She: Do you remember your childhood?
He: Like I'm cooking. Do you remember being lifted
She: (cutting off) not this pornography again. His hand was near my
He: Head, my head, my head, head
She: Shh. Shh. Shh. It's baking now. There's a lot of meat around. What's in it?
He: A head.
She: There's something vulgar in yours. Watch out!
(both duck)
He: What is there in the meat?
She: A wafer baking on your plate. It's your head frying under weight of obligations.
He: I fried all my bills yesterday. A big heap in grease.
She: It was wonderful. But where was the meat in that?
He: None. That's the funny thing about it. There's no meat but we keep baking. Crr. Crr. Crr.
She: It's hamburger, isn't it?
He: No, it's something less substantial. It's everything I have to burn.
She: Oh. So nothing fries properly?
He: Well, most times. Watch out!
She: They're so monotonous... Is it short-order?
He: No, the meat keeps cooking. What if I ground a breast?
She: What if I ground your dick?
He: (sneering) Less meat? No, none of YOUR vulgarities this time.
(both pause)
She: Where is it cooking?
He: Not in my head, that's certain.
She: Nor mine. It can't be. This meat is senseless.
He: That explains it more than anything.