I was at some kind of flea market like a Regional Market, lots of boxes
and vendors, many stalls.  I had to pack my room- I thought it would be really
simple but when I got to it I realized I had a ton of stuff to pack.  I needed

I started walking around the market looking for empty boxes.  I had told someone
(Will?) that I need boxes for books and records.  I found a couple of beatup
dirty boxes that would work, but not enough, and the tops wouldn't fit right.

I walked behind two girls, one of whom had a loud Brooklyn voice.  She was
complaining about an imminent car ride, that such and such food gave her gas and
that she'd be stuck in the car.  She didn't care herself but some other girl
would be with them and couldn't stand it.  The Brooklyn girl said "ah I'll just
say 'Jeeziz I can't even faht!?'"

[the door buzzer went off and I got up to let Jetta, Becca & Becca's brother in
- 9:30- returning from Kindness] more