the green mask

This plaster cast glowing,
Holding hypnotized and
Here my body gill-white greening,
Heaving shots of pain expoured,
Sat crouched and cramped and steaming,
Staring sockets; plaster eyes:

Cold turned hot,
Time not streaming,
You and I, my mask,
Were screaming (Quiet though,
Except the bleeding,
Of the gases in the room)

You are trapped in time, and I,
I'm twisting in my own remorse;
You are power, smooth and solid,
I am flesh in fear of fading...

Eyes lock.
Lost time...
Supine we press for answer,
All this and chances are
Nothing will come of it,
Not yet a drop in the eye
Of jade history's cry
That devoured me
(Far from my sleep
Heard me whimpering).

The green mask is smaller now,
And I unfold my strengthened arms,
Tap-cracking (not much it takes)
Until ejected- smashed eyes-
Mouth ever widening.

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