I. (invitation)

Come on your flattest feet with me,
Deep past the greying walls,
The papers and cellophanes stuck to your shoes
(wipe them clear,
this is a different place)
From the sun,
From the bright images of your bleakest land;
Come come come ! Come with me. Come come come !
What's that forming around the wall?
What lump pressing, lazing its way along?
What's that cupped in your hand, steaming stringy?
Come come come !
See the brightness fade into the greying cobwebs.
Come come come !


II. (prayer)

Hold me; I'm wrapped and muffling.
Hold me.
Feel it squeezing from my body?
Hold me.
This is the urgent desire that frenzy dictates.
Hold me now.

III. (transit)

All crapped up in the corner.
You wasting air wasting my face wasting away.
The black breath descends again; we watch our way,
Blowing into the charcoal edges,
The angles blocked in black greying burnt edge weariness.
Hanging on my haunches for hours; days;
Nights wasted in the agony tense hamstring,
Wavering punch drunk puffing my spotted face.

Hovering near me, agony replete:
you and I
and I and you.
There are no outer edges, only blackness and the foul odor of disgust.
Reaching my hand to your hand; a spark ?!
No, a gangling crust washing the air in its wasted ways,
Brushing our finger tips but squeezing on past,
Too dry to ooze, too wet to crumble,
Only the faintest trace left: a pollen on our skin
To tongues taste,
Your eyes to mine to your eyes:
Terror dulled beauty interchanges as our pain fades.

IV. (song)

Dancing on the pin pricks,
Gazing at the sky.
Why oh why should we ever die?
Why oh why should we ever die?

Watching as the skin flicks
Mottled by the fly.
Why oh why should we ever die?
Why oh why should we ever die?
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