Faust: You Know faUSt

Cult Krautrockers FAUST's return to the recording studio opened up into a voyage of inner discovery that returned to their roots but also served to push the band's career towards the approaching millennium.

On YOU KNOW faUSt the spirit of adventure, uncertainty and raw invention which haunted the grooves of their clear vinyl debut rises up again to shock, stun and thrill a new generation who, until now, thought they had heard everything.

FAUST mix electronics, acoustic guitars, sheet metal percussion, oompah band music and farm equipment together to produce sounds that plunge from fractured pop song, to industrial techno stomp and undiluted Krautrock in its purest and most potent form.

Recorded and produced by FAUST for their own label, this latest batch of screaming, soaring and senses searing songs from the band reveals a new direction and a forceful return to form. One that FAUST fans will immediately identify with and curious Cope led newcomers will find themselves being irresistibly drawn towards.

Despite its teasing title YOU KNOW faUSt is anything but predictable, it is a record full of surprises, unexpected twists, titanic teutonic anthems and precarious precision. A veritable minefield of musical possibilities which the band are eager to let their listeners stray into. FAUST are back with a bang!

source: RéR promotional onesheet