Nick Hobbs...

Is a singer & lyricist who performs and records regularly; first with Kropparna, Stockholm; then with The Shrubs, London; then with Mecca, London; and currently with Infidel, London

Has studied voice, theatre and movement for many years; in particular

Voice with Angela Caine, Richard Roberts, Venice Manley, and members of the Roy Hart Theatre, which is where he met Enrique Pardo, becoming a member of The Alchemical Theatre (London) and Borderline Theatre (Paris) (performing in Nero & currently in La Planque Aux Anges) and developing a passion for movement and physical theatre

And theatre & movement with, amongst others, Enrique Pardo, Bert van Dijk, Nick Nuttgens, Thé;âtre de Complicité;, Philippe Gaulier, Volcano Theatre, Laurie Booth, Nigel Charnock, Thé;âtre Du Mouvement, Tmu-Na Theatre & Henry Smith

Works in alternative music organisation, specialising in East Europe

Studies Practical Tai Chi Chuan with Dan Docherty, acrobatics with Ken Lewis and Butoh with Ray Baskerville

And is especially interested in the exploring the area where voice, theatre and movement meet beyond the boundaries of conventional forms

provided by Nick Hobbs,