Cuneiform Records

Cuneiform Records is a US label based in Maryland releasing progressive and experimental records. Cuneiform is also home of Wayside Music, the US distributor of ReR releases, and an excellent mailorder company concentrating on unusual and experimental records from around the world.

55001 Happy The Man 3rd/Better Late
55002 Doctor Nerve Did Sprinting Die?
55003 Happy The Man Beginnings
55004 The Muffins Manna/Mirage
55005 Cartoon Sortie
55006 Hugh Hopper Band Meccano Pelorus
55007 The Muffins Chronometers
55008 Grits As The World Grits
55009 Steve Tibbetts Steve Tibbetts [1st]
55010 The Muffins Open City
55011 V.A. Transforms: The Nerve Events Project
55012 Grits Rare Birds CD
55013 The Muffins 185
55014 Happy the Man Live CD
55014 Happy the Man Death's Crown CD
Rune 01 R. Stevie Moore What's The Point?!! LP
Rune 02 However Calling LP
Rune 03 Present Le Poison Qui Rend Fou LP
Rune 04 David Borden Anatidae LP
Rune 05 The Muffins Open City
Rune 06 PFS Illustrative Problems LP
Rune 07 Piero Milesi The Nuclear Observatory Of Mr. Nanof
Rune 08 Doctor Nerve Armed Observation LP
Rune 09 Univers Zero Heatwave
Rune 10 David Borden Migration LP
Rune 11 Phil Miller Cutting Both Ways
Rune 12 Curlew Live In Berlin
Rune 13 Mikel Rouse Broken Consort A Lincoln Portrait LP
Rune 14 Miriodor Miriodor
Rune 15 Univers Zero UZED
Rune 16 David Borden The Continuing Story Of Counterpoint, Pts. 9-12
Rune 17 Present Triskaidekaphobie/Le Poison Qui Rend Fou
Rune 18 Piero Milesi/Daniel Bacalov La Camera Astratta
Rune 19 Faultline
Rune 20 Univers Zero 1313
Rune 21 David Borden The Continuing Story Of Counterpoint, Pts. 5-8
Rune 22 PFS 279
Rune 23 Peter Frohmader Macrocosm
Rune 24 U Totem U Totem
Rune 25 Forever Einstein Artificial Horizon
Rune 26 Doctor Nerve Beta 14 ok
Rune 27 Curlew Bee
Rune 28 David Borden The Continuing Story Of Counterpoint Pts. 1-4
Rune 29 Univers Zero Heresie
Rune 30 Richard Pinhas/Heldon Chronolyse
Rune 31 Richard Pinhas/Heldon East/West
Rune 32 Miriodor 3rd Warning
Rune 33 Daniel Denis Sirius And The Ghosts
Rune 34 Phil Miller Digging In
Rune 35 Birdsongs of the Mesozoic Pyroclastics
Rune 36 Richard Pinhas/Heldon L'Ethique
Rune 37 Richard Pinhas/Heldon Allez Teia
Rune 38 Doctor Nerve Armed Observation/
Out To Bomb Fresh Kings
Rune 39 Univers Zero Ceux De Duhors
Rune 40 Richard Pinhas/Heldon D.W.W.
Rune 41 Forever Einstein Opportunity Crosses The Bridge
Rune 42 Mujician The Journey
Rune 43 Richard Pinhas/Heldon Interface
Rune 44 Richard Pinhas/Heldon Iceland
Rune 45 Henry Kaiser Lemon Fish Tweezer
Rune 46 Chainsaw Jazz DisConcerto
Rune 47 Curlew The Hardwood VHS NTSC video
Rune 48 Kombinat M Hybrid Beat
Rune 49 Daniel Denis Les Eaux Troubles
Rune 50 Curlew A Beautiful Western Saddle
Rune 51/52 Richard Pinhas/Heldon Electronic Guerilla/It's Always...
Rune 53 Richard Pinhas/Heldon Stand By
Rune 54 Philharmonie Les Elephants Carillonneurs
Rune 55 Birdsongs of the Mesozoic The Fossil Record 1980-87
Rune 56 Virgil Moorefield Distrations On The Way To The King's Party
Rune 57 George Cartwright Dot
Rune 58 David Borden Places, Times & People
Rune 59 Peter Frohmader Cycle Of Eternity
Rune 60 Richard Pinhas/Heldon Agneta Nilsson
Rune 61 Richard Pinhas/Heldon Rhizosphere / Live In Paris 1982
Rune 62 Mujician Poem About The Hero
Rune 63 Piero Milesi Modi
Rune 64 Philharmonie Nord
Rune 65 Richard Pinhas/Heldon Un Reve Sans Consequence Speciale
Rune 66 U Totem Strange Attractors
Rune 67 Hugh Hopper Band Carousel
Rune 68 Forrest Fang Folklore
Rune 69 Birdsongs of the Mesozoic Dancing On A'A
Rune 70 Doctor Nerve Skin
Rune 71 Blast Wire Stitched Ears
Rune 72 The Siamese Stepbrothers Siamese Stepbrothers
Rune 73 Happy Family s/t
Rune 74 Volapük le feu du tigre
Rune 75/76 V.A. Unsettled Scores
Rune 77 Hugh Hopper/Alan Gowen Two Rainbows Daily
Rune 78 Miriodor Jongleries élastiques
Rune 79 C.W. Vrtacek Silent Heaven
Rune 80 Curlew Paradise
Rune 81 Rattlemouth Walking A Full Moon Dog
Rune 82 Mujician Birdman
Rune 83 Elton Dean Quintet Silent Knowledge
Rune 84 Philharmonie Rage
Rune 85 5 uu's Point Of Views
Rune 86 Raoul Bjorkenheim/Krakatau Ritual CD
Rune 87 Present Live CD
Rune 88 Doctor Nerve Every Screaming Ear CD
Rune 89 Gary Windo His Master's Bones CD
Rune 90 Soft Machine Spaced CD
Rune 91 Boud Deun Astronomy Made Easy CD
Rune 92 Bladik Dean, Elton, Roswell Rudd & Mujician CD
Rune 93 Happy Family Toscco CD
Rune 94 Volapuk TSlang! CD
Rune 95 Blast Stringy Rugs CD
Rune 96 Boom One Hour Talisman CD
Rune 97 Otolithen S.O.D. CD
Rune 98 Forrest Fang The Blind Messenger CD
Rune 99 Djam Karet The Devouring CD
Rune 100 Soft Machine Virtually CD
Rune 101 Rattlemouth Fistfull Of Iffy CD
Rune 102 MUJICIAN Colours Fulfilled CD
Rune 103 Elton Dean Just Us CD
Rune 104 Hugh Hopper 1984 CD
Rune 105 Curlew Fabulous Drop CD
Rune 106 Forever Einstein One Thing After Another CD
Rune 107 Present Certitudes CD
Rune 108 Miriodor Rencontres CD
Rune 109 Univers Zero The Hard Quest CD
Rune 111 Boud Deun The Stolen Bicycle CD
Rune 112 Paul Dunmall Octet Be Bop Starburst CD
Rune 113 Thinking Plague In Extremis CD
Rune 114 Guigou Chenevier Rumours Of The City CD

Cuneiform Records/ Wayside Music
PO Box 8427
Silver Spring, MD 10907-8427 USA
(301) 589-1803 / (301) 589-1819 (fax)
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