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Monteiro, Alfredo Costa / Miguel A. Garcia: Aq'Ab'Al

Label: Mikroton Recordings
Product Code: 24001
Catalog Code: cd 57
Country: Russia
Price: $13.95

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Audio experimenters Alfredo Costa Monteiro and Miguel A. Garcia join forces in an album titled after "Aq'ab'al", the Mayan Astrology Sign about polar opposites--dawn and dusk, hot and cold, black and white--which represents renewal and change, through a series of opposing audio events, forceful sounds of texture, feedback, and intervention.

Garcia, Miguel A. : Argiope

Label: Creative Sources
Product Code: 23914
Catalog Code: cs392
Country: Portugal
Price: $15.95

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Garcia, Miguel A., Sebastien Branche, Abdul Moimeme, Ernesto Rodrigues, Guilherme Rodrigues: Golden Towers And Electric Frictions

Label: Creative Sources
Product Code: 23913
Catalog Code: cs386
Country: Portugal
Price: $15.95

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"While the previous Garcia/Branche CD seemed also improvised to me, this five-person work is of the two the more improvised one. The quintet of players also like their sounds to be sustaining, placing bows on strings, but also motorized...

Garcia, Miguel A. / Sebastien Branche: Pnoladeu Avvrhig

Label: Creative Sources
Product Code: 23911
Catalog Code: cs384
Country: Portugal
Price: $15.95

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Label: Aubjects
Product Code: 23351
Catalog Code: AUJX - 9
Country: USA
Price: $15.95

In Stock

A split cassette and art booklet from US sound artists August Traeger performing as Odd Person, and Spanish sound artist Miguel A. Garcia, presenting works of experimental electronic sound, both diverse and extensive journeys through unusual sonic worlds.

Garcia, Miguel / Tomas Gris / Lee Noyes: Asto Ilunno

Label: Idealstate Recordings
Product Code: 18249
Catalog Code: ISR1-13
Country: Sweden
Price: $12.95

In Stock

The trio of Miguel A. Garcia (electronics), Tomas Gris (objects) and Lee Noyes (piano) in a single extended and understated improvisation mixing acoustic and electronic sources, building and subsiding in its interesting journey.