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Rodrigues / Rodrigues / de Toni / Trilla: Synchronous Rotation

Label: Creative Sources
Product Code: 25614
Catalog Code: cs499
Country: Portugal
Price: $15.95

In Stock

A live recording at O'Culto da Ajuda, Lisbon, during the 2017 CreativeFest #11 from the quartet of Ernesto Rodrigues on viola, Guilherme Rodrigues on cello, Gianna de Toni on double bass, and Vasco Trilla on percussion, a sinuous, curving extended improvisation of subtle shades, with certain rotations more forceful, but always gravitating to quietude.

Kimmig, Harald / Ernesto Rodrigues / Miguel Mira / Guilherme Rodrigues / Alvaro Rosso / Vasco Trilla

Label: Creative Sources
Product Code: 25508
Catalog Code: cs497
Country: Portugal
Price: $15.95

In Stock

The Creative Sources core string improvisers of violist Ernesto Rodrigues, cellist Guilherme Rodrigues, cellist Miguel Mira, and double bassist Alvaro Rosso, with frequent collaborator percussionist Vasco Trilla, are joined by German violinist Harald Kimmig (Trio Kimmig) for a dynamic album that fluctuates from acoustic lowercase to rapid pointillistic improv.

Gibson, Yedo / Hernani Faustino / Vasco Trilla: CHAIN

Label: NoBusiness
Product Code: 24946
Catalog Code: NBCD 101
Country: Lithuania
Price: $15.95

In Stock

A fiery and energetic album of masterful free jazz from Brazilian saxophonist Yedo Gibson, Portuguese-Brazilian drummer and percussionist Vasco Trilla, and Portuguese bass player Hernani Faustino (Red Trio, K4 Quadrado Azul), recording in the studio for 6 dynamic dialogs that uses a variety of approaches and references to free jazz and creative improv.

Rodrigues, Ernesto / Yedo Gibson / Miguel Mira / Luís Lopes / Vasco Trilla : Nepenthes Hibrida

Label: Creative Sources
Product Code: 24266
Catalog Code: cs444
Country: Portugal
Price: $15.95

In Stock

"[...] Trilla fits agreeably into the Creative Sources aesthetic, which values collective mood-building over individual displays of prowess. Nepenthes Hibrida was recorded live a few days before Christmas 2016, and features Trilla, viol...

Kimmig, Harald / Ernesto Rodrigues / Miguel Mira / Guilherme Rodrigues / Vasco Trilla : Blattwerk

Label: Creative Sources
Product Code: 24258
Catalog Code: cs436
Country: Portugal
Price: $15.95

In Stock

"[...] Blattwerk's two torrents of strings move like a waveform, cresting and dipping in volume and intensity. The quintet features an unusual line-up-violin, viola, two cellos, and Trilla's drums-and shifts between an indeterminate wor...

Trilla, Vasco : The Rainbow Serpent

Label: FMR
Product Code: 22587
Catalog Code: FMRCD417-0616
Country: Great Britain
Price: $14.95

Out of Stock

Barcelona drummer and percussionist Vasco Trilla, know for his work with Planeta Imaginario, Filthy Habits Ensemble, Cows On Trees, &c. in a solo album that takes the listener through a myriad of tones and emotions along a varied and tonally hybrid journey of prepared drums, assorted percussion

Nastesjo, Johannes / Vasco Trilla: Ginkgo

Label: Creative Sources
Product Code: 22057
Catalog Code: cs347
Country: Portugal
Price: $15.95

Out of Stock

The duo of Johannes Nastesjo on double bass and Vasco Trilla on drums and percussion, an album of extended techniques and unexpected devising, using quietly aggressive techniques balanced by concentrative improv to create unexpected eruptions and unusual sonic environments.

Braxton, Anthony: Trillium E

Label: New Braxton House
Product Code: 15271
Catalog Code: NBH901
Country: USA
Price: $59.95

In Stock

Trillium E is the first-ever studio recording of an Anthony Braxton opera, a deluxe 4-disc set of this surreal and witty installment in Braxton's ongoing Trillium cycle, and includes a booklet with libretto, photos, and critical essays.