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Tazartes, Ghedalia / Pawel Romanczuk / Andrzej Zaleski: Carp's Head [VINYL + CD]

Label: Monotype
Product Code: 23210
Catalog Code: monoLP018
Country: Poland
Price: $19.95

In Stock

Ghedalia Tazartes continues to confound and bewilder, here teamed up with sound artists Pawel Romanczuk and Andrzej Zaleski for an album of bizarre songs and unusual acoustic accompaniment, 10 songs that seem to raise out of the earth spontaneously, in an LP/CD package.

Tazartes, Ghedalia: Tazartes

Label: Alga Marghen
Product Code: 20232
Catalog Code: TES 089CD
Country: Italy
Price: $19.95

In Stock

Remastered CD edition of "Tazartes", Ghedalia Tazartes' fourth release from 1987, expanded with the first CD release of "Whatever Works Singing Wild My Rock Ghedalia,"; immersive, transporting, and deeply arresting music from the revered autodidact and audio oddity.

Tazartes, Ghedalia: Diasporas

Label: Alga Marghen
Product Code: 20231
Catalog Code: TES 088CD
Country: Italy
Price: $19.95

In Stock

A remastered CD edition of outsider artist and brilliant studio composer Ghealia Tazartes' 1979 debut album, expanded to include the first CD release of "Ferme ta gueule, Zarathustra," a composition largely based on materials pre-dating "Diasporas".

Tazartes, Ghedalia: Tazartes' Transports

Label: Alga Marghen
Product Code: 11463
Catalog Code: ALGA 011CD
Country: Italy
Price: $16.95

Out of Stock

Eccentric/brilliant composer Tazartes' first album from 1977, reissued in 1997 with additional tracks, and finally back in print; a tapestry of unpredictable sounds.