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Der Verboten (Loriot / Chessex / Piromalli / Wolfarth): Der Verboten

Label: Clean Feed
Product Code: 24975
Catalog Code: CF445CD
Country: Portugal
Price: $14.95

In Stock

Originally called Treffpunkt, or "meeting point", the partnership of violist Frantz Loriot and pianist Cedric Piromalli has evolved as they added collaborators to their idiosyncratic approach to improv, here with guests Antoine Chessex on tenor sax and Christian Wolfarth on percussion and cymbals for an extended, upbeat and wonderfully creative performance.

Wolfarth, Christian / Jason Kahn: Percussion / Voice

Label: Confront
Product Code: 24735
Catalog Code: ccs 81
Country: UK
Price: $13.95

In Stock

An absorbing album of percussion and voice from the working duo of Christian Wolfarth on drums and percussion, and Jason Kahn on voice, for two extended improvisations of cathartic vocal expression and assertive rhythmic and reflective percussive accompaniment, balancing eccentric and mesmerizing sound in gripping and compelling ways.

Wolfarth, Christian: Spuren [VINYL]

Label: Hiddenbell Records
Product Code: 23861
Catalog Code: 009
Country: Switzerland
Price: $21.95

In Stock

The two parts of "Spuren" from Swiss percussionist Christian Wolfarth cover each side in an album of concentrative timbre and strategy, evoking continuous sounds that are diverted into unexpected avenues, drawing the listener into trance-like states with rich resonance, tone, and malleable rhythms, then surprising with unforseen audio twists.

IKB : Dracaena Draco [2 CDs]

Label: Creative Sources
Product Code: 21574
Catalog Code: cs294
Country: Portugal
Price: $22.95

In Stock

Two CDs representing two extended improvisations of the IKB Ensemble with slightly different personnel, with each ensemble slowly unfolding an amazingly textured work of acoustics and electronics with strong intent and incredible technique, balanced by close listening and attention to detail; an excellent 21st century improvisation orchestra captured live.

Mersault: Mersault

Label: Quakebasket
Product Code: 18808
Catalog Code: qb23
Country: USA
Price: $9.95

In Stock

The trio of Tomas Korber on guitar & electronics, Christian Weber on double bass, and Christian Wolfarth on drums and percussion, unique electroacoustic improv recorded in the studio in Zurich, Switzerland.

Wintsch / Weber / Wolfarth: Willisau

Label: Hatology
Product Code: 18102
Catalog Code: Hatology725
Country: Switzerland
Price: $18.95

In Stock

The improvisational and untraditional piano trio of Michel Wintsch (piano, synthesizers), Christian Weber (bass), and Christian Wolfart (drums) in a fantastic, live performance from Willisau.

Rodrigues / Guerreiro / Wolfarth: All About Mimi

Label: Creative Sources
Product Code: 17881
Catalog Code: cs240
Country: Portugal
Price: $14.95

In Stock

The intense lowercase trio of Creative Source label leader Ernesto Rodrigues on viola, percussionist Christian Wolfarth on cymbals, and Ricardo Guerreiro on interactive computer performing the 6 part "All About Mimi" in the studio.

Wolfarth, Christian: Acoustic Solo Percussion Vol. 1-4 & Remixes [2 CDs]

Label: Hiddenbell Records
Product Code: 17660
Catalog Code: 006/007
Country: Switzerland
Price: $10.14

In Stock

This 2 CD set contains all the pieces of percussionist Christ Wolfarth's "Acoustic Solo Percussion" series on the first CD and remixes by Rashad Becker, Hans Joachim Irmler (faust), Gunter Mueller and Joke Lanz (sudden infant) on the 2nd.

Wintsch, Weber, Wolfarth: The Holistic Worlds Of [VINYL]

Label: Monotype
Product Code: 16817
Catalog Code: monoLP010
Country: Poland
Price: $19.95

In Stock

A thoroughly modern piano trio using the advanced language of free improvisation with full reference to jazz tradition from Michel Wintsch (piano, synthesizer), Christian Weber (bass) and Christian Wolfarth (drums).

Kahn / Muller / Wolfarth: Limmat

Label: Mikroton Recordings
Product Code: 14342
Catalog Code: mikroton cd 7
Country: Russia
Price: $13.95

In Stock

The 2nd CD from the electroacoustic trio of Gunter Muller, Jason Kahn & Christian Wolfarth, an entrancing and mysterious set of extended and unedited improvisations.

Vorwolf: Snake's Eyes

Label: Formed Records
Product Code: 10443
Catalog Code: formed 09
Country: Sweden
Price: $12.95

Out of Stock

Two percussionists - Michael Vorfeld & Christian Wolfarth - meet as Vorwolf in this dialog of extended techniques mixing tonal and rhythmic ideas into unusual language.

Weber, Christian: 3 Suits and A Violin

Label: Hatology
Product Code: 07202
Catalog Code: Hatology634
Country: Switzerland
Price: $18.95

In Stock