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Kimmig-Studer-Zimmerlin: Im Hellen (Hat [now] ART)

"Conjectured boundaries between improvisation and composition have long been fodder for fierce contention. Offering as good a distinction as any, Steve Lacy once famously opined that musical creation with the former is bound by the mome...

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product information:

UPC: 752156020127

Label: Hat [now] ART
Catalog ID: hat[now]ART 201
Squidco Product Code: 27720

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2017
Country: Switzerland
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold 3 Panels
Recorded at Radio SRF 2 Kultur, in Zurich, Switzerland, on July 11th and12th, 2015, by Michaela Wiesbeck.


Harald Kimmig-violin

Daniel Studer-bass

Alfred Zimmerlin-violoncello

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Artist Biographies:

"Harald Kimmig (born October 9, 1956 in Offenburg ) is a German violinist of free improvisational music and composer.

Kimmig had violin lessons from 1966 to 1974, and from 1975 to 1982 he studied philosophy, sociology and art history. He took classes at Leszek Zadlo, Muneer Abdul Fataah, John Tchicai and Cecil Taylor. From 1984 he was active as a professional musician, initially with soloists and as a member of the First Improvising String Orchestra. He played in the trio with Georg Wolf and Lukas Lindenmaier (CD rif-rif 1990) and is co-leader of F-Orkestra, who worked with musicians such as Buddy Collette or Peter Kowald. He also played with the ensemble of Cecil Taylor (CDs "Legba Crossing", "Corona"), John Tchicai, Vladimir Chekassin, Doug Hammond, Lee Konitz, Tony Oxley, Gabriele Hasler, Sirone and JŸrgen Wuchner. He works in the trio with Carl Ludwig HŸbsch and L Quan Ninh. He is also a member of the ensembles of Angelika Sheridan, GŽraldine Keller and Hideto Heshiki. Together with Norbert Rodenkirchen he composed the Aura Christinae in 2004, which repeatedly performed in Stommeln (u. A. With Maria Jonas and Albrecht Maurer ). Kimmig also writes string quartets and major orchestral works ('The Course of Light and Darkness', Oratorio, 1999) as well as film music."

-Wikipedia (Translated by Google) (

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"Daniel Studer was born in Zürich in 1961, lived and worked in Rome from 1981 to 1995, is now living with his family in Zurich.Master of arts in Music Pedagogy, guest composer at the Elektronisches Studio in Basel, studied composition with Johannes Schöllhorn.2010 award from the city of Zurich.

His focus lies on improvisation and mixed forms of improvisation and composition. He participated in various projects involving space - and projects with live electronics; further fields of interest are music and language, music and dance, music and video poetry. The constant exploration of his instrument has led to performances as a soloist, too.For years he has been working with Peter K Frey, Mischa Käser, Katharina Klement, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Dieter Ulrich and Alfred Zimmerlin.Presently he is part of the Kontrabassduo Studer-Frey, Kimmig-Studer-Zimmerlin, III-VII-XII (with Mischa Käser and Urs Haenggli) and the trio Gabriela Friedli Trio.

Concerts and radio recordings in Europe, Japan and USA. Among others he played with Lester Bowie, Jacques Demierre, Michel Doneda, Paolo Fresu, Gerry Hemingway, Steve Grossmann, Barney Kessel, Hans Koch, Riccardo Lay, Joëlle Léandre, Magda Mayas, Mike Melillo, Evan Parker, Antonello Salis, Irene Schweizer, Tony Scott, Co Streiff, Sebi Tramontana, Massimo Urbani, Urs Voerkel, Bobby Watson and many others.

Records with the Kontrabassduo Studer-Frey, Kimmig-Studer-Zimmerlin, Giancarlo Schiaffini Quintet, Gabriela Friedli Trio, Solo, In Transit, Eichenbergers Domino, Day & Taxi, Käppeli-Lüscher-Studer, Streichtrio Coen-Penazzi-Studer on labels as Intakt,Unit Records, EMANEM, Konnex, Percaso, Creative Sources, Edition RZ.

Festivals: Controindicazioni Roma, Le Mans Jazz Festival, Südtirol Jazz Festival Bozen, Clusone Jazz, Ulrichsberger Kaleidophon, Unerhört! Zürcher Jazzfestival, Willisau Jazz Festival, Zoom in Bern, Schaffhauser Jazzfestival, Limmitantiones, Romaeuropa, Zürcher Theaterspektakel, World New Music Days, Honmoku Jazz Festival Yokohama, Jazz and more München, Siena Jazz, Progetto Musica Roma

He has been teaching improvisation at different music schools so at the Bern University of the Arts since 2006."

-Daniel Studer Website (

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"Alfred Zimmerlin was born 1955. He studied musicology and ethnomusicology at Zurich University under the tutelage of Kurt von Fischer und Wolfgang Laade, music theory under the tutelage of Peter Benary, and composition under the tutelage of Hans Wüthrich and Hans Ulrich Lehmann. He has taken an active part in the "Werkstatt für improvisierte Musik" (WIM, Workshop for Improvised Music) Zurich since 1980. Alfred Zimmerlin's ample oeuvre comprises pieces for piano, chamber music (with and without live-electronics), vocal music, orchestral music, music for theatre, and works for radio and film. The most important are: "Gezeiten der Zeit" (for string orchestra), "Cueillis par la mémoire des voûtes" (saxophone quartet and string orchestra), "Euridice singt" ( a chamber opera), three string quartets, "Neidhardlieder" (for soprano and four Renaissance recorders), the "Cembalo-Buch", "In Bewegung (Nature Morte au Rideau)" (for piano, string orchestra and soundtrack), "Weisse Bewegung" (for violoncello , piano, and percussion), Quintet for clarinet and string quartet, or "Zerstreut in Arbeit mit Wörtern" (for soprano, piano, and soundtrack).

As an improvising musician and cellist, Alfred Zimmerlin has taken part in various formations in Europe and the US. From 1983 to 2009 he has been active member of KARL ein KARL, improvising and composing in cooperation with Peter K Frey and Michel Seigner, the distinctive feature of this trio being the fact that all compositional decisions are being made and accounted for collectively. Alfred Zimmerlin's work as improvising musician as well as the works of KARL ein KARL are available on numerous recordings." (

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track listing:

1. In Deutlichen Morgen 10:58

2. Was Wiesel Wissen 5:15

3. Unter Kinnhohe 1:31

4. Gib Mir Honig 5:39

5. Safran Im Februar 3:39

6. Out Of Reach 5:13

7. Hinter Wanden Aus Papier 2:58

8. Hinuber Oder Vielleicht 5:29

9. Zewifels Ohne 4:41
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descriptions, reviews, &c.

"Conjectured boundaries between improvisation and composition have long been fodder for fierce contention. Offering as good a distinction as any, Steve Lacy once famously opined that musical creation with the former is bound by the moment while the latter allows for the leisure of temporal largess. Some find such separations superfluous. Others base their musical identities on it. The Swiss-German String Trio comprised of violinist Harald Kimmig, cellist Alfred Zimmerlin and bassist Daniel Studer is deeply aware of this history. Collectively versed in the rigors free improvisation, the three players have also plied their talents in classical settings and even the outer reaches of jazz (Kimmig was a member of Cecil Taylor's augmented Feel Trio). The music on Im Hellen is very much in that first category and results from the players honing a tripartite attack that is often mesmerizing in its accuracy and intensity. Nine pieces add up to three quarters of an hour with the smallest and most subtle of gestures adding up to often oblique assemblages of sound. On the opening "Im deutlichen Morgen" scrapes, knocks and diaphanous squiggles flutter and dance along discordant trajectories. Kimmig, in particular, is able to thread fibrillating lines so fine as to seem almost filament thin. With "Was Wiesel wissen" piquant pizzicato drops join sporadic arco rivulets in a performance laced with microtonal energy that is as much about the spaces and silences between what is played as the actual sounds produced. "Out of Reach" hovers and hums at the edges of audibility for much of its duration. Rubbed strings result in quietly overlapping drones that exude palpable tension while keeping the decibel count reliably curtailed. While restraint and minimalism are integral attributes to trio's methods the program isn't all micro-gestures and deferent asides. "Unter Kinnhohe" rises in both volume and density through a prickly and fleeting exchange of pitched volleys. "Safran im Februar" assembles from forest of worried and stuck strings with Studer in particular kicking up a thicket of racket that is at once abrading and bracing while Kimmig saws away unceremoniously above him in an aggressive display that tests the tensile strength of his strings. "Hinuber oder vielleicht" hints at melody with instruments negotiating a lugubrious trajectory of crosshatched lines. Throughout it all the aforementioned boundaries comfortably blur and dissipate into arbitrariness such that what's left is music in an unalloyed state of mutual agreement and formation. In other words, it's exactly the sort of alchemy that invites active embrace by curious ears."-Derek Taylor

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