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Lonberg-Holm, Fred / Amphibians Of the Everglades feat Gustave Matamoros: Bow Hard At The Frog (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

Extending his interest in accompaniment with field recording, Chicago cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm took his cello into the Florida Everglades along with soundscape artist and field recordist Gustavo Matamoros, seeking out night creatures, particularly vocalizing frogs, edited down to six intriguing tracks of "outdoor interspecies improvisation".

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product information:

UPC: 608887586633

Label: Corbett vs. Dempsey
Catalog ID: CVSD 044CD
Squidco Product Code: 25776

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2018
Country: USA
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded at Everglades National Park the evening of February 02, 2016, as part of the January, 2016, Subtropics Artist Residency at Audiotheque: Fred Lonberg-Holm, resident artist; Gustavo Matamoros, collaborator. Gustavo used Sennheiser microphones in a mid- side configuration straight into a SoundDevices digital field recorder.


Fred Lonberg Holm-cello

Amphibians of the Everglades-noises

Gustavo Matamoros-field recording

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track listing:

1. Far 1 6:51

2. Near 2 3:15

3. Far 4 6:58

4. Far 3 3:15

5. Near 1 16:22

6. Far 2 3:21
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"Never one to shy away from unusual projects, cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm set out into the mosquito-infested swamps of Florida's Everglades in search of a host of amphibious collaborators. In the night air, he bowed and plucked in conversation with the environment, especially the vocalizing frogs, which seemed to take him on as an exotic member of their own.

Impeccably documented by the experienced soundscape artist and field recordist Gustavo Matamoros, working like a perverse herpetologist, Lonberg-Holm may have created a whole new genre of experimental audio: outdoor interspecies improvisation. Other features of the evening ambience are warmly embraced - a passing car, mysterious water noises, even the incessant mosquitoes. Determining where these swamp sounds end and the maestro's cello begins is perhaps the greatest challenge of all. Not something you can say often: Bow Hard at the Frog is a genuinely unique sonic experience.

The title comes from a direction in the score for Iannis Xennakis's Kottos."-Corbett vs. Dempsey

Artist Biographies:

"Fred Lonberg-Holm (born 1962) is an American cellist based in Chicago. He relocated from New York City to Chicago in 1995. Lonberg-Holm is most identified with playing free improvisation and free jazz. He is also a composer of concert works. As a session musician and arranger, he is credited on many rock, pop, and country records. Lonberg-Holm currently leads the Valentine Trio, with Jason Roebke (bass) and Frank Rosaly (drums). This jazz trio performs original compositions as well as tunes by both jazz composers (e.g. Sun Ra) and pop songwriters (e.g. Jeff Tweedy, Syd Barrett). The group released its first album Terminal Valentine, in 2007, which was reviewed by AllAboutJazz critic Nils Jacobson.

He coordinates and directs performances of his Lightbox Orchestra, an improvising ensemble with a flexible, ever-changing membership. Lonberg-Holm does not play an instrument in this group, but rather conducts its non-idiomatic improvisations via the "lightbox" and by holding up handwritten signs. The lightbox contains a light bulb for each musician which Lonberg-Holm switches on or off to suggest when they should play. Collective groups of which Lonberg-Holm is a member include Terminal 4 who released an album, in 2003, called When I'm Falling that received four and a half stars, and AMG Album Pick by Allmusic, and it was reviewed by Allmusic's Joslyn Layne, The Boxhead Ensemble, Pillow, the Lonberg-Holm/Kessler/Zerang trio (with Kent Kessler and Michael Zerang), and the Dörner/Lonberg-Holm duo (with Axel Dörner).

Among groups led by other people, he is a member of the Vandermark 5, the Joe McPhee Trio, the Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet, Keefe Jackson's Fast Citizens, and Ken Vandermark's Territory Band. When he lived in New York, Lonberg-Holm frequently collaborated with the rock group God Is My Co-Pilot pianist and composer Anthony Coleman as well as multi-instrumentalist Paul Duncan of Warm Ghost. In Chicago, he has worked with Jim O'Rourke, Bobby Conn (on "Llovessonngs" [1999] and "The Golden Age" [2001]), The Flying Luttenbachers, Lake Of Dracula, Wilco, Rivulets, Mats Gustafsson, Sten Sandell, Jaap Blonk, John Butcher, and a great many others.

Lonberg-Holm's concert works have been premiered by William Winant, Carrie Biolo, the Austin New Music Co-Op, Subtropics Ensemble, Duo Atypica, the Schanzer/Speach Duo, New Winds, Paul Hoskin, Kevin Norton, the E.S.P. Ensemble, and others. His scores for dance have been performed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music and Dance Theater Workshop as well as many other venues. He is a former composition student of Anthony Braxton and Morton Feldman. He performed improvised music in the role of a troubled composer who finds inspiration in the love of a couple he spots on the street in a short film for the Playboy channel."

-Wikipedia (

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"Gustavo Matamoros (b. Caracas, 1957) is a Venezuelan composer, interdisciplinary artist, community organizer and educator who has established his residence in Miami, Florida, US, since 1979.

Gustavo Matamoros studied at the University of Miami from 1979 to 1983. He has taught critical and creative listening at the Design and Architecture Senior High School (DASH) and at the Miami International University of Art and Design. Matamoros has also offered periodical lectures about his work with sound.

In 1985, Gustavo Matamoros was one of the founders of the South Florida Composers Alliance, a Miami-based organization. Some year later he also participated in the foundation of the Subtropics Experimental Music and Sound Arts Festival, which was created (according to art critic Lysa Oberkreser) “in order to expose Miami to a new music and the fine art of sound.” Since their inception, Matamoros has been the artistic director of both the SFCA Subtropics Festival and the Interdisciplinary Sound Arts Workshop (iSaw). During the 1990s Gustavo Matamoros also co-founded PUNTO Experimental Music Ensemble together with Cuban composer Armando Rodriguez Ruidiaz.

Gustavo Matamoros catalog of compositions includes numerous pieces for solo electroacoustic media or electroacoustics combined with traditional instruments. It also includes a wide variety of works based on contemporary and experimental techniques such as mixed media, installations, sound portraits, radiophony, text and video. He has composed a series of “Retratos” (Portraits) based on sound materials produced by the subjects portrayed on the pieces. Venezuelan composers Marianela Arocha and Adina Izarra have referred to those pieces as follows: “From the 90’s onward many forms of mix repertoire are present, also more research and improvising can be seen among the (Venezuelan) composers. Like in Gustavo Matamoros “Retratos” where each performer chooses its own material which the composer transforms on tape and sets for the interaction in concert. The composer himself speaks of gesture and morphology: all sounds are possible and allowed; all of them make sense within different contexts”. Some of the subjects for those “Portraits” are: guitarist and composer Flores Chaviano, oboist and composer Joseph Celli, poet Bob Gregory, double-bassist Luis Gómez Imbert and composer Ricardo Dal Farra.

Gustavo Matamoros has studied and explored the sound characteristics of an uncommon musical instrument, the musical saw. He has composed many pieces based on the utilization of this instrument and has also utilized other instruments of his own creation on his pieces. Matamoros organized a musical saw quartet called SEE that included the following performers: Ryan Agnew, Ulrike Heydenreich and Stephanie Lie. They offered their first performance during an ACA residency with Robert Ashley at Smyrna Beach.

Gustavo Matamoro’s music has been presented at numerous cultural events in the US, Latin America and Europe. He has co-directed the WORD(S) SOUND Festival in Sčo Paulo, Brazil and is the producer of FISHTANK a radio journal of new and experimental music broadcast by WLRN in Miami. He has collaborated with a long list of prominent artists such as: Davey and Jan Williams, Fred Longberg-Holm, Dinorah Rodríguez, Helena Thevenot, Lou Mallozzi, Charles Recher, David Manson, Shahreyar Ataie, Jacqueline Humbert, Malcolm Goldstein, Russell Frehling, Alison Knowles, David Dunn and Rene Barge.

Gustavo Matamoros received two Musical Composition National Prizes in his native country, Venezuela. In the US, he has received multiple grants and commissions from art, music, media, visual and theater organizations, as well as government organizations such as the Florida’s Art in State Buildings and the Florida Consortium's 2000-Visual and Media Arts Fellowship."

-Wikipedia (

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