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Flower-Corsano Duo: The Radiant Mirror (Textile Records)

The first of three albums from the duo of shahi baaja (Japanese electric dulcimer/harp) and banjo player Mick Flower (Vibracathedral Orchestra) and drummer/percussionist Chris Corsano, the excitement and thrill of their raucous yet controlled improvisations exploding through three tracks of "Earth", "Wind", and "Fire", a joyful and spectacular album!

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product information:

UPC: 689492059323

Label: Textile Records
Catalog ID: TCD 011CD
Squidco Product Code: 25620

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2007
Country: USA
Packaging: Digipack
Recorded live at Les Instants Chavires, in Montreuil-sous-Bois, France, on January 21st, 2006, by Etienne Foyer.


Chris Corsano-drums

Michael Flower-Japanese banjo

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Artist Biographies:

"First spellbound by freely improvised music in the mid-1990s after witnessing performances by TEST, William Parker, Cecil Taylor, and others, Chris Corsano began a long-standing, high-energy partnership with Paul Flaherty in 1998. A move from western Massachusetts to the UK in 2005 led Corsano to develop an expanded solo music of his own, incorporating sax reeds, violin strings and bows, pot lids, and other everyday household items into his drum kit. In February 2006 he released his first solo recording, The Young Cricketer, and toured extensively throughout Europe, USA, and Japan. He spent 2007 and '08 as the drummer on Björk's Volta world tour, all the while weaving in shows and recordings on his days off with the likes of Evan Parker, Virginia Genta, and C. Spencer Yeh. Moving back to the U.S. in 2009, Corsano returned focus to his own projects, most notably a duo with Michael Flower, Rangda (with Sir Richard Bishop and Ben Chasny) and solo work, now revamped to include synthesizers and contact microphones in addition to his drum set and home-made acoustic instruments.

In addition to the those mentioned above, he's also worked with, among others: John Edwards (released by: Clean Feed/Dancing Wayang), Jim O'Rourke & Akira Sakata (Drag City/Family Vineyard), Paul Dunmall (ESP-Disk), Nels Cline (Strange Attractors), Jessica Rylan (Load Records), Jandek (Corwood), Sunburned Hand Of Man (Manhand), MV&EE (Eclipse/Time-Lag), Vampire Belt (Open Mouth), Joe McPhee (Roaratorio), and Wally Shoup (Leo/Columbia Japan)."

-Chris Corsano Website (

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"Michael Flower (Bongoleeros, The Michael Flower Band, Flower-Corsano Duo, Headless Piss, Liz Gizzad, Vibracathedral Orchestra) has been involved in a number of solo projects and is best know for his work with Vibracathedral Orchestra. The original group came together when Mick Flower began recording with Neil Campbell and Julian Bradley, who had released a number of homemade cassettes and an LP of their duo work. They self-released 2 CD-R albums before Campbell suggested merging the nascent group with the trio Flower was working with alongside Bridget Hayden and Adam Davenport, forming the best-known five-piece Vibracathedral Orchestra line-up."

-Free Music Archive (

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track listing:

1. Earth 10:14

2. Wind 7:59

3. Fire 18:15
sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"Chris Corsano plays drums in a duo with Mick Flower on shahi baaja (a Japanese electric dulcimer/auto-harp). The result is one of the most mesmerizing, auto-propelled outfits around, mixing Eastern mystic vibes with bottom end power. Recorded in Paris, 2006 after just less than a year of doing shows together following Chris's move to the UK. It was recorded in a live setting and thus documents their live sets and is the only available recording. Chris Corsano has gained a well-earned reputation as one of the hardest-working drummers around. Equally at home with intense kinetic explosions of energy and concentrated near-silence, he effortlessly flows from one idea to the next, always sympatico with his fellow musicians. He has recorded and gigged with, among others, Paul Flaherty, Thurston Moore, Jessica Rylan, Jim O'Rourke, Nels Cline, Jandek, Greg Kelly, Daniel Carter, Six Organs of Admittance, Evan Parker, amongst others. Mick is the founding member of the British avant-garde collective Vibracathedral Orchestra, one of the most seminal UK acts in the free music scene pioneering an approach that has influenced a tribe of other outsiders.'-Textile

"If you've been paying attention lately, you know the pair of Mick Flower and Chris Corsano have been gaining quite a following for their impressive live shows. I wouldn't know, unfortunately; I'm just relaying what I've heard. For most people who follow experimental music, the mere mention of the name 'Corsano' triggers a buy-download impulse/wet jeans. Corsano is undoubtedly one of the most well-regarded drummers among his peers, so you know what you're going to get from him. On the other side, you've got a founding member of the UK's Vibracathedral Orchestra. I've heard they aren't too shabby either.

You can exclude me from the lovefest that was the critical response to last year's A Rock in the Snow, a three-way skronk-off between saxophonist Paul Flaherty, Spencer Yeh and Chris Corsano. I like the duo of Flaherty and Corsano, to an extent, but that album was okay at best. So, let's swap out the vocal noise and saxophone blurts for the Japanese banjo and see what happens. The name 'banjo' seems a little misleading here, as it's hard to hear anything that even sounds like a banjo once it's been given a good dose of Mick's pedal treatment. It has the twang of a sitar and reminds me of Emerald Cloud Cobra with an affinity for amplification and Kawabata Makoto.

As soon as the first note of that Japanese banjo reaches my ears on the opener "Earth," the memory of A Rock in the... what's the rest of it called again? Gone. There must be zero floor space wherever these guys recorded this one from all of Flower's pedals. With the delays and looping it sounds like there's four guys jamming together after consuming way too many drugs. After a few minutes of build-up from Corsano's kit he gets into a steady, simple, effective, head-nodding rhythm that slowly morphs into something more complex, while retaining a semblance of the previously heard rhythm. Meanwhile, Mick's going nuts on the banjo over the top of his own droning guitar noise.

"Wind" has Mick bowing his instrument along with some great hand drumming and bass drum work by Corsano, and what sounds like chimes every so often. It feels a lot more structured than the beginning of "Earth," taking into account how solid and patterned the drumming is, plus it lacks the balls-out shredding that was previously witnessed. "Wind" is slower, methodical, tribal, and brilliant. The gorgeous last few minutes of the piece center around a drone loop and what sounds like pungi snake charming music in the background, with the percussion taking a back seat.

The nearly 20-minutes-long "Fire" revisits similar ground as the first track. This time though, it finds Mick getting into more of a groove, rather than simply trying to melt the guitar wires by playing as fast as possible (not that I take issue with him doing so). The drumming is sporadic and dynamic, which is working wonders in preventing me from being drawn into a trance by that banjo, despite Mick's best efforts.

If this album misses any year-end best of lists... I won't be surprised, but if you dig great improvisational music with some gusto (and maybe some hallucinogens), you owe it to yourself to give The Radiant Mirror a few spins."-Avant Gardening, Tiny Mix Tapes

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