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Eave (Anna Webber/ Erik Hove / Vicky Mettler / Evan Tighe): Eave [CASSETTE + DOWNLOAD] (Astral Spirits)

A mix of New York and Canadian players, "Eave" is the quartet of Anna Webber and Erik Hove on saxophones, Vicky Mettler on guitar and Evan Tighe on drums, a collective abstract improvising band that uses its instruments as much for effect as for conventional playing, with commanding skill in all approaches as they surprise, bemuse and mesmerize the listener.

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product information:

Label: Astral Spirits
Catalog ID: AS061
Squidco Product Code: 25470

Condition: New
Released: 2018
Country: USA
Packaging: Cassette
No recording data listed.


Anna Webber-saxophone

Erik Hove-saxophone

Vicky Mettler-guitar

Evan Tighe-drums

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Artist Biographies:

"Reedist Anna Webber, a Brooklynite by way of British Columbia, is one of the most exciting new arrivals on the New York avant-garde jazz scene in the past couple years. Her second album, SIMPLE, demonstrates the inextricable link between her improvising and her compositions; her detail-rich writing recalls the work of elders as disparate as Tim Berne and Henry Threadgill, and her busy motion evokes a fizzy sort of exhilaration.-Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader

Anna Webber is an integral part of a new wave of the Brooklyn avant-garde jazz scene. A saxophonist and flutist who strives for the unexpected, she has furthermore consistently proven herself to be a unique and forward-thinking composer with releases such as 2014's SIMPLE (Skirl Records) and 2013's Percussive Mechanics. Binary, the follow-up to SIMPLE which features bandmates John Hollenbeck and Matt Mitchell, further establishes Webber as a compelling improvisor and composer."

-Anna Webber Website (

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"Erik Hove is an alto saxophonist who plays a wide variety of jazz, improvised, and contemporary music. Born in Vancouver, he has lived in Montreal and New York, attending McGill University as well as studying with alto master Greg Osby. While in New York, he formed the turntable-jazz group Soundclash, which won the Montreal OFF festival's Francois Marcaurelle prize and released a disc with Effendi records. He also heads various trios and quartets. He recently returned to McGill to study composition, and while there formed his latest project, the Erik Hove Chamber Ensemble. He plays with many local and international artists, including the Juno-winning Christine Jensen Jazz Orchestra and Anna Webber's Montreal People.

The Erik Hove Chamber Ensemble is a musical hybrid drawing from jazz, classical and contemporary compositional traditions. The 10-piece ensemble consists of a jazz rhythm section and a small contemporary chamber ensemble, and prominently features the leader's alto saxophone playing, as well as that of flautist Anna Webber, bassist Remi-Jean LeBlanc, and trumpeter Andy King.

The project seeks to explore a synthesis of contemporary compositional concepts with current ideas from jazz and improvised music, and attempts to combine the disparate elements so as to form a cohesive whole. Of particular interest are the spectral techniques used by composers like Gerard Grisey and Tristan Murail, but also others like Lachemann, Sciarrino, Furrer, and Ligeti. These ideas are combined with novel contemporary jazz reminiscent of players like Steve Lehman, Henry Threadgill and Steve Coleman.

The music combines ideas of timbral and spectral writing, like spectral analysis, extended techniques and microtonal systems, with recent developments in modern jazz and improvised music using compound rhythms, rhythmic illusion, and disjunct chromatic melodic material in pulse-driven, narrative or song-based frameworks."

-Erik Hove Website (

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"Vicky Mettler is a guitarist based in Montreal. Her current projects include a song duo Brick with Raphaël Foisy-Couture and a noise/improv quartet Dusk Scored Dark, with Mark Molnar, Bennet Beduokian and Craig Pedersen, as well as her solo project for voice, guitar and electronics. Upcoming releases include a tape with improv quartet featuring Anna Webber (US), Evan Tighe and Erik Hove as well as a debut solo guitar album."

-NOW Society (

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"Evan Tighe (drummer / composer / mastering engineer) is based in montréal, qc Evan Tighe plays drums and has played drums with many artists and bands Evan Tighe often travels on the road with these artists to make music Evan Tighe also plays synths and electronics and does stuff in studios Evan Tighe is currently dedicated to become a mastering engineer Evan Tighe composes music for improvisers under the name '(some) margin' Evan Tighe creates his own music under the name 'Evan Tighe' sometimes Evan Tighe makes noisy music under the name 'broken obelisk' Evan Tighe has written and contributed to film scores and enjoys that work Evan Tighe studied at the mcgill & concordia universities Evan Tighe has talked about improvisation and abstract stuff for people Evan Tighe feels very fortunate to be surrounded by such talented people etc."

-Evan Tighe Website (

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track listing:


1. Meriwether 04:25

2. Liver-Eating 05:54

3. Gold Fever 04:19

4. Axe or Chisel 07:46

5. Denver Bob 04:33


1. The Night of the Burning River 03:02

2. A Well-Worn Path 03:57

3. Owyhee 04:05

4. Yakima 06:01

5. Memorandum 04:07
sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"Eave [...] was recorded by four interesting and evocative jazz musicians - Eric Hove (alto saxophone, flute), Anna Weber (tenor saxophone, flute), Viccy Metler (guitar) and Evan Tighe (drums). Unique and interesting playing, outstanding and innovative improvising - all these elements are heard in all four musicians musical language. Their compositions have effective and specific sound - musicians for the most of the time are improvising together. Many different playing techniques, contrasting and unique styles and manners are marvelously combined together. Free and fascinating musical experiments are mostly dedicated for sound experiments, special effects, interesting and unusual combinations of timbres, instruments, chords and other musical language elements. The improvisations by these four musicians have effective, specific, original and vibrant sound.

The compositions of this album have soft and dynamic sound. The collective improvisations are full of different playing manners, original and unpredictable stylistic waves, sudden turns of moods, contrasting characters and episodes. The main aim of these improvisations is to create and extract unusual and extraordinary sound. Musicians try to expand the technical abilities of the instruments, using innovative and experimental ways of playing and create rich and expressive musical language. The compositions have solid and vibrant melodic section and dynamic rhythmic. Along with these two elements, colorful, illustrative and effective background is also very important part of musical pattern. Saxophones and flutes melodies are based on musical experiments - Anna Weber and Eric Hove are individual and original improvisers. Both of them have their own playing style and are using specific methods of playing. Soft, light and colorful flutes solos are effectively illustrated with unusual timbres, glissando, virtuosic passages, trills, arpeggios and many other traditiona; playing techniques. Along with these elements, both musicians masterfully connect hhuge amount of experimental ways of playing and extended playing techniques. Soft, gentle and joyful flutes are connected with other instruments. Saxophones solos are expressive and dynamic. Loud, fast, full of trills, tremolos, wild fast and furious passages, vibrant and intense blow-outs, expressive and spontaneous solos are softly and organically connected together with abstract, subtle, silent and lyric episodes. With gentle, light and expressive flutes, spontaneous and effective saxophones solos, rich, bright and modern musical language is created. The huge amount of different playing techniques, original and innovative playing manners, inventive decisions, unusual timbres and strange noises create solid, memorable and interesting sound. Viccy Metler guitar melodies are full of different and original playing techniques - musician masterfully uses and connects together traditional and experimental playing techniques, switch between different moods, characters and ways of playing. His improvisations are free, spontaneous, based on contrasting musical patterns and forms - abstract and concrete musical patterns are gently connected together. The improvisations have expressive and dynamic melodies, innovative improvising manner, interesting harmony, solid bass line and are effectively illustrated by strange noises and special effects. Evan Tighe drums improvisations are contained by especially huge variety of different rhythms and sounds of percussion instruments - improviser masterfully combines together static and dynamic, slow and very fast, memorable or abstract rhythms. Loud drum rolls, trills, tremolos, arepeggios and many different playing techniques create effective, dynamic and solid sound and independent rhythmical section. All improvisations have effective, bright and innovative sound."-Avant Scena

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