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Univers Zero: Heresie [VINYL] (Sub Rosa)

A much-needed reissue of Univers Zero's second album, "Heresie", originally released in 1979, here in its 2010 Cuneiform Records remix; a classic of chamber rock music in the Rock in Opposition approach, featuring heavy use of dissonance and dark, brooding, and extremely complex melodies, a classic and important record showing creative paths in rock music.

product information:

Limited edition orange and gold vinyl; Includes insert; 380 gram sleeve.

UPC: 5411867334019

Label: Sub Rosa
Catalog ID: SR 401LP
Squidco Product Code: 24327

Format: LP
Condition: New
Released: 2017
Country: Belgium
Packaging: Vinyl LP
Recorded at Sunrise Studio in Kirchberg, Switzerland, in March, 1979, by Etienne Conod.


Michel Berckmans-oboe, bassoon

Daniel Denis-drums, percussion

Patrick Hanappier-violin, viola

Guy Segers-bass, voice

Roger Trigaux-guitar, piano, organ, harmonium

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track listing:


1. La Faulx 25:18


1 Jack the Ripper 13:29

2 Vous le saurez en temps voulu 12:56
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sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"How does a group follow up a auspicous and unique debut recording? A recording that is so completely out of step with everything that is currently in fashion in popular and even in experimental music that nearly 35 years later, it still is able to surprise people hearing it for the first time. How? Well, if you were Univers Zero, you did it by moving even more to the extremes of your music. While the influences from 20th Century classical music (Stravinsky, Bartok, Huybrechts) mixed with aspects of progressive rock (the angularity of King Crimson added to the unique zeuhl sound of Magma) remain, they are stripped down and presented in the starkest and darkest way possible. Guitarist Roger Trigaux still plays some amazing licks, but for much of the album, he is hunched over the harmonium (a 19th century pump organ), which gives the music an eerie, gothic sound - a gothic sound matched by the other front line instruments of violin/viola and oboe/bassoon. Meanwhile the rhythm section is completely electric, with heavy Magma-influenced bass and with Daniel Denis' fantastic drumming propelling everything foward.

Originally released in 1979, Heresie has long been considered a high-water mark of new music composition, performance, and dark, sinister intensity for over 30 years and has never been out of print. This reissue transforms and updates Univers Zero's most infamous work with a new cover that uses bits of the original packaging, as well as many new elements. It also has a striking and clear new remix from the 1979 multi-track tapes that defines and clarifies all the instruments in a way that is much more focused than previous editions. Never have Daniel's cymbal's so clearly sizzled with such menace or has Guy's bass gone so low into the underworld. The reissue is accompanied by a 16 page booklet containing a history of the band's years during the Heresie period and illustrated with archival photos. Lastly, there is a 12 minute, relvelatory bonus track from very early in the group's life added; a track that later was cannibalized by its composer, into bits that would eventually find their way into "Ersatz" on Le Poison Qui Rend Fou and "The Limping Little Girl" and "Ceux D'En Bas (Suite)" on N°6 by Roger's post UZ group, Present. One of the most significant avant-progressive rock albums of the very late 1970s just got even more significant!"-Cuneiform

Limited edition orange and gold vinyl; Includes insert; 380 gram sleeve.

Artist Biographies:

"Michel Berckmans, born in Brussels on September 1st 1955, Michel Berckmans studies the bassoon at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Brussels.

In 1978, he interrupted his studies to participate in the creation of various musical groups such as: Univers Zero, Aqsak Maboul, Julverne, Flexible Music in Belgium. Art Zoid in France. Munju in Germany. Von Zamla in Sweden. With these sets he toured all around Europe.

Theater of Brussels under the direction of Henri Ronse, interpreting "A copper music at the windows of the incurables" by M. Maeterlinck and in the Théâtre Bâtir in Paris in The show "Two or three trapezes that I know of her". Later on, he becomes composer for stage music at the Theater of the Swan: "Tales of the Whiskey"; The Théâtre de Galafronie: "The toad soup", "Transit", "L'ornithorynque"; The Theater Bis: "De eerste Held"; The Theater Next: "Herwig De Weerdt", "The Rose of Cerzeto" He plays with the Théâtre du Tilleul in "The famous Invasion of the Bear in S" cile ". He is engaged as a musical adviser at the Singel for "Schumann 360".

Parallel to his theater activities he reintegrates in the universe of classical music: he forms trio Martinu with clarinet player Ronald van Spaendonck and bassoon player Lode Cartrysse and is a member of the ensemble "Nouvelle musique consonnante" of Michel Lisyght. Recently, he participated in the formation of the group "The Magnitude of the Damage" with Martine Kivits, JL Fafchamps, Alain Gilbert and Aurélia Boven.

Univers zero "Univers zero", "The false", "Those of the outside" Aqsak Maboul "A bit of the soul of the bandits" Julverne "A neuf", "Emballade", "Let's not talk about Malheur" Von Zamla "No make up" MunJu "The perfectionist" Art Zoid "Music for the Odyssey" S. Birnbach & B. Lew "When God was famous", "The perfume of rackis" Jacqui Susshholz "Yiddish is forever""

-Jazz in Belgium (Translated by Google) (

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"Daniel Denis: Born 22 August 1952 in Nivelles, Brabant wallon, Wallonie, Belgium.

Daniel Denis' musical career started in 1971, when he formed the band ARKHAM. In 1971 they supported MAGMA on stage, and Denis played with them a few times on stage. Keyboard player Jean Luc Manderlier left to join MAGMA, and in 1973 the nucleus of the legendary UNIVERS ZERO came together. Denis emerged as the main composer, and UZ released a series of acclaimed albums over the next few years. In 1979 co-founder Roger Trigaux split to form PRESENT, and Denis has since played in both bands. In the mid 1980s Denis began a long association with ART ZOYD, and in 1987 UNIVERS ZERO split.Denis recorded and released two fine solo albums, "Sirius and the Ghosts" (1991) and "Les Eaux Troubles" (1993). The first was largely a solo affair, with Denis making extensive use of electric keyboards and synthesisers, and could be seen as a continuation of UZs's final album. "Les Eaux Troubles" featured a large pool of guest musicians, including past and future members of UNIVERS ZERO, and was composed of shorter pieces. It can be seen as pointing the way forward to the reformed UNIVERS ZERO.Denis reconvened UNIVERS ZERO after a 13 year break, and to date they have released 3 excellent albums. Both of Denis' solo albums are well worth tracking down; "Sirius and the Ghosts" is probably the best to start with."

-Last.FM (

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Violin and viola player Patrick Hanappier is known for the bands Pablo's Eye, Univers Zéro.

-Squidco 4/23/2018

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Guy Segers is a bass player best known for his bass work with Univers Zero, and has also contributed to other projects, including Present and X-Legged Sally, Emergent Sea, Acid Mothers Guru Guru Gong, GuruManiAx, Uneven Eleven. He has also performed with Phil Minton + Audrey Chen + Guy Segers + Peter Jacquemyn + Teun Verbruggen.

-Squidco 4/23/2018

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Guitarist/composer Roger Trigaux was a founding member of Univers Zero, and formed the band Present in 1980.

-Squidco 4/23/2018

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