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M(h)ysteria: Family Drug (JVTLANDT)

Giovanni Di Domenico's premier of his M(h)ysteria trio with drummer Jakob Warmenbol and electric bassist Laurens Smet, where Di Domenico's organ gives the listener the impression of the classic organ trio, but instead presents a mix of jazz, prog, noise and other darkly complex music as the band explores the chronic tensions & stress of daily life.

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product information:

Catalog ID: JVT0017
Squidco Product Code: 24086

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2016
Country: Denmark
Packaging: Digipack - 3 panel
Recorded in Studio Grez, Brussels, September, 2015, by Giovanni Di Domenico.


Giovanni Di Domenico-organ

Jakob Warmenbol-drums

Laurens Smet-electric bass

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Artist Biographies:

"Giovanni Di Domenico, pianist, performer, composer, was born in Rome on the 20th July 1977, a significantly tempestuous period in socio-political terms, featuring hostile polarizations and an ostensive paramilitarism, mutinous ideological confrontations and bloody terrorist attacks, rendered infamous in the description 'Years of Lead'. In that particularly caustic summer, the so-called 'Movement of 1977', non-aligned, without any ties to the Parliament and non-violent, broke into the scene of prevalent conspiracy-steeped paranoia condemning the repressive, discriminatory and authoritarian tendencies of the Italian State and demanding equality for minorities and further civil rights. The coinciding liberalization of the media market, putting an end to RAI's monopoly, further defined this period as the prime moment for pirate radio, with the consequence of a libertarian fragmentation of youth culture, epitomised by punk.

One could argue that Giovanni, self-taught until the age of 24, inherited - in philosophy, politics and artistically - the most benign and affirmative traits of that period, diversifying his action in the context of a recently unified Europe, promoting improbable connections, exploring varied geographies, comfortably manoeuvring aesthetical fringes and making a commitment to live performance at its most liberating and engaging. Surprisingly, the path that lead him to that point had an unexpected detour: following his father's consecutive assignments as a civil engineer he actually lived out his first decade in Africa - until he was five in Libya, from then until his eight anniversary in the Cameroons and until ten in Algeria. His far off native country was not synonymous with civil unrest as much as with opera, whose arias he would memorize with his siblings in order to practice the language and provide some family entertainment. The condition of expatriate had a strong influence in his education - he clearly remembers the calls of the muezzin, the sound of exotic musical instruments in local markets, the ritualistic expression music took in the streets of Yaoundé, or the songs he heard from his nanny in the Cameroons.

When he finally enrolled in music school - majoring in 'jazz piano'- he further built on an encyclopedic technique; rhythm, harmony and tone are informed by non-western traditions yet equally sensitive to Debussy's "Préludes", Luciano Berio's "Sequenzas", to the 'ambi-ideation' heard in Borah Bergman's Soul Note recordings, Cecil Taylor's polissemic density, Paul Bley's bruised transparency and of course, the most radical manifestations stemming from the underworld of pop music, invariably tied together by his own original praxis. A distinction - one would call it generational - he shares with many of the musicians he has crossed paths with recently, artists as different as Chris Corsano, Jim O'Rourke, Akira Sakata, Tetuzi Akiyama, Okkyung Lee, Balasz Pandi, Nate Wooley, Yan Jun, John Edwards, Darin Gray, Roger Turner, Steve Noble, DJ Sniff, Terrie Ex, David Maranha, Manuel Mota, Arve Henriksen, Norberto Lobo, Peter Jacquemyn, Alexandra Grimal, John Duncan, Tony Allen, Rafael Toral or Toshimaru Nakamura. Di Domenico has founded his own label, Silent Water, home of an eclectic and occasionally unclassifiable production. He lives in Brussels."

-Giovanni Di Domenico Website (Giovanni Di Domenico)

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"Jakob Warmenbol (1988) started drumming at the age of 12. Two years later his interest in jazz grew after going to a summerschool in Dworp (Brussels) where he had lessons from Billy Hart & Dré Pallemaerts, among others. In 2006 he started his studies with Dré Pallemaerts at the Lemmensinstituut, Leuven, and participated in various workshops with musicians such as Adam Nussbaum, Mark Turner, Bill Carrothers, Dave Douglas, Eric Thielemans, Marek Patrman, Dave Liebmann,... In 2010 he continued his studies at the Conservatory of Antwerp, where he had lessons with Teun Verbruggen and graduaded in 2011.

At the moment Jakob is part of a few working bands: a trio called 'Leksak' with Johan Graden (piano, SE) and Laurens Smet (bass BE), a trio with Jean Dousteyssier (clarinet, FR) and Lennart Heyndels (bass, BE), a trio called 'Ridiculum' with Audrey Lauro (sax, FR) and Giotis Diamanidis (guitar, GR), 'The Unrevealed Society' (won 'XL jazz competition' Brussels and 'Jong Jazztalent Gent' 2012) with Léo Dupleix (piano, FR), Gregor Siedl (sax, AT) and Pol Belardi (bass, LU), 'Zapf' with Léo Dupleix (keys, FR) and Lucien Fraipont (guitar, BE), ...

He had the opportunity to perform and work together with some reknown musicians such as Greg Cohen (Jazz Middelheim Festival 2012), Jorrit Dijkstra, John Hollenbeck, Joachim Badenhorst, Sanne Van Hek, Guillaume Orti, Antoine Virard, Ben Sluijs, Erwin Vann, Manolo Cabras, Nic Thys, Augusto Pirodda, ... and many others in various temporary projects."

-Flanders Art Institute (

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"Laurens Smet: Bass player and composer from Antwerp, Belgium. Graduatedfrom the Antwerp conservatory and already a well established part of theBelgium / European free jazz scene, playing in many contexts and projects likeIfa y Xango,Bambi Pang Pang, Boelheart, Laurens Smet' Antwerp Stock Trade,just to name a few."

-JVTLandt (

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track listing:

1. Road Rage 12:04

2. Family Drug 16:51

3. Crumbs War 8:56
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descriptions, reviews, &c.

"Family Drug" is the premiere recordings of M(h)ysteria, a new trio founded by Giovanni Di Domenico. While featuring the instrumentation of a classic organ trio, M(h)ysteria charges a rather darker path. Not a swinging session, this is an expression of coping with the chronic tensions of modern daily life, with its inherent distractions and mounting stress, as well as a larger feeling of foreboding. Its sound a symptom of a future glittering with menace. Keeping the roles of the instruments constantly fluid, the band members push and support each other through Di Domenico's compositions and an extended spontaneous piece, with the end results reflecting the openness of jazz, the complexity of prog and the noise and eruptions of improv. "Family Drug" places - finally - the Hammond organ where it belongs: Front and center of new and creative music making."-JVTLAND

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