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Bucher / Tan / Countryman: Acceptance - Resistance (Improvising Beings)

Alto saxophonist Rick Countryman is a busy player on the Phillippine scene, here in a trio with Simon Tan on bass and visiting Swiss drummer Christian Bucher for nine exemplary examples of free jazz in the tradition, hot music that bends melody while remembering its jazz roots.

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product information:

UPC: 63513188318

Label: Improvising Beings
Catalog ID: ib53
Squidco Product Code: 23511

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2016
Country: France
Packaging: Jewel Case
Recorded live at Strawberry Jams Studio, Quenzon City, the Philippines, on July 24th, 2016.


Christian Bucher-drums

Simon Tan-bass

Rick Countryman-alto saxophone

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Artist Biographies:

"Christian Bucher (* 1969 in Zug ) is a Swiss drummer in the field of jazz and improvisational music .

From 1990 to 1997, Bucher studied musicology , art history and literature at the University of Bern, and from 1992 to 1997 he studied music at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Zurich (jazz music with Kevin Austin, Tony Renold, Peter Preibisch, diploma). He also attended workshops with Paul Lovens and Billy Cobham and studied with Pierre Favre , Willy Kotoun, Marcel Bernasconi and Andreas Hermann at the Lucerne Music College .

He then continued his post-graduate studies in free improvisation with Walter Fähndrich, Peter K. Frey and Christoph Baumann at the Lucerne Music College (2002-2003). Bucher also worked as a drummer teacher at the music school Horw , Emmen and at the teachers' seminar St. Michael Zug from 2000 to 2005.

Guido Egli and he wrote the music for the two documentary films of Stefan Jäger "From the Ground I Were a Man to Life" and "Steps against the Wind", which was shown on television and at film festivals. Bucher was a co-founder of Jazztrios Nevertheless and a member of the group of 9 artists .

Bucher works as a soloist and plays in duo with BUG, ​​in the duo Bucher / Fehlmann, in the duo ZurBucher and in the band Portobello; He is still involved in projects related to other art genres. As drummer and percussionist he gave solo concerts, partly in connection with painting, sculpture, photography, video, installation, performance, architecture, literature, theater and dance.

He has played CDs and has recorded radio and TV recordings as well as festival performances, concert tours and performances, which take him to Australia, Bulgaria, China, Germany, France, Greece, India, Indonesia, Slovenia, Spain. South Africa, the USA or Turkey."

-Wikipedia (translated by Google) (

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"Simon Leonardo P. Tan (born August 13, 1970) is a Filipino bassist. Beginning classical guitar lessons at age 13 at the Yamaha School of Music stimulated his later exposure to electric guitar and, inevitably, his interest in the electric bass. He studied the contrabass at the University of the Philippines College of Music from 1988 until 1992, then embarked on a professional musical career. His ability as a multi-genre bass player readily caught attention, notably in the pioneering Manila-based blues band, Lampano Alley, led by the Filipino blues singer and recording artist, Binky Lampano. This was followed by his tenure as bassist and composer with the award-winning Philippine jazz group, WDOUJI.

Simon Tan's influences range from rock to classical, blues and jazz. His influences as a bass instrumentalist include Roscoe Beck, Ray Brown, Paul Chambers, Charlie Haden, James Jamerson, Marcus Miller, Jaco Pastorius, and John Pattitucci. Notable (Filipino) musical (non-bass) influences include vocalist Binky Lampano and saxophonist Tots Tolentino."

-WikiVisually (

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"Rick Countryman (born January 31, 1957) is an American jazz saxophonist and flautist.

Rick was an active member of the underground "Gorilla Jazz" scene in Seattle during the late 70s and 80s, which included Michael Bisio, Rick Mandyck, Mikel Rollins, Lonnie Williams, Gregg Keplinger, and many others. During this time, he met and studied with Bert Wilson; and through Michael Bisio, was introduced to Barbara Donald and Sonny Simmons. He led, composed for and performed in standard quartets; as well as collaborating with Gregg Keplinger in a free duo, "The Thing Is", and with John Zoltek in free trio, "Thick and Thin." Rick resurfaced in 2011 as part of the Manila jazz scene.

Rick Countryman now resides in Quezon City, Philippines; leading and performing in ensembles on baritone sax, alto sax, alto flute and bass flute; performing original compositions in his own jazz quartets and trios. He also leads Indian fusion groups Blue Syahi and Puranas, collaborating with local alternative ensembles Biologic and Venus Flytrap, and as a sideman for world music group Humanfolk. He created and arranged a Peruvian Folk Fusion group Unity, which performed at 2015 APEC summit in Manila.

While in his early 20s, Rick studied traditional jazz improvisation, intervallic cycles and concepts, and extended techniques for sax with Bert Wilson; and recently studied extended techniques for flute with Robert Dick. After private lessons with ex-Berklee instructor Steven J. Solomon as a teenager and college bands under Fred Radke (former lead trumpet for Harry James), he began his musical pursuits and "live" education in the 70s in the Seattle area, participating nightly in jazz sessions in Pioneer Square which continued in private music houses till 6am.

In his late 30s, dissatisfied with his musical development, and his financial situation, Rick left the scene to pursue "regular work" and slowly shifted his attention to Hindustani music. Overtime, employment opportunities would take him to Tokyo, where he would be overwhelmed, once again, by jazz; frequenting clubs nightly. Inspired, he resumed his jazz studies, and eventually began to attend sessions and perform.

He currently continues his pursuit within the Manila scene, appearing regularly in local jazz festivals and jazz/improvisational venues. Rick began collaborations with bassist Simon Tan on original jazz concepts in Metro Manila in 2011, followed with collaborations with Switzerland's Christian Bucher in 2013, resulting in recording "Acceptance - Resistance" and "Signal Number Three." "

-Rick Countryman 11/12/2018

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track listing:

1. Wheels In Motion 7:44

2. Acceptance 11:18

3. Resistance 7:51

4. Power Out 7:52

5. Cosmik Funkshun 11:07

6. Next Time 10:15
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descriptions, reviews, &c.

"If you respond to the "classic" form of free jazz as practiced in the later sixties by the likes of Coltrane and Sonny Simmons, the recent album by the trio Bucher Tan Countryman Acceptance.Resistance (Improvising Beings 53) may well give you a new jolt by returning to yet forging ahead in this mode. The Philippines-based trio has power and creativity at its fingertips with Simon Tan on bass, Christian Bucher on drums and Rick Countryman on alto sax.

The band gives us a full set of free and swinging-propulsing sounds that sound fresh and contemporary while hearkening back to the masters of the idiom. Countryman has a vibrant soaring tone that he puts to good use with onslaughts of post-bop free continuity and poise. There is excellent fluidity to his horn lines that make things grow as they go. Simon Tan has plenty of ideas and a woody sound that may well remind you of Silva, Grimes, Garrison and other past masters. Christian Bucher takes advantage of the trio space with a busy, churning time/spacetime that has creative invention as well as drive. Put the three together and set them loose.

The result is an engaging album that keeps the flames kindled and creates a musical fullness that thrives on openness. Here is a trio that knows what it is about and provides direction and soulful fire consistently. Kudos!"-Grego Applegate Edwards

"This album is just about what Jazz was supposed to be: a "true life drama", that's what Sonny Simmons calls life stories. Rick Countryman, alto sax supremo trained by no less than Bert Wilson, and as it happens, of course, a disciple of Simmons, and myself, have been Facebook pen-friends for years. He's been living in the Philippines for decades. There, he turned the local scene's attention towards Free Jazz. Heated nights not unlike anything out of an early ESP-Disk' session started at club Tago, where he hit a friendship with a local, Simon Tan, a very strong double bass player. Visiting Swiss drummer (and visual artist) Christian Bucher, a student of Pierre Favre, gave the incentive to create a record. This is what it is, the jazziest album I ever published. Unashamedly, joyfully jazz, "in the tradition" of 1960s Free - and I'm grateful individuals such as Rick keep the idiom much alive, and kicking."-Improvising Beings

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