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Long form compositions using unidentifiable field recordings, amplified objects, and other inexplicable sound from the duo of Jack Harris and Samuel Rodgers, drawing the listener into complacency and then jarring them to awareness; an engaging release.

Harris, Jack / Samuel Rodgers
Primary / Unit 11

Harris, Jack / Samuel Rodgers: Primary / Unit 11 (Notice Recordings)

Label: Notice Recordings    
Released in: USA    

"Primary"--sounds in a room, window open, some noises being made by the pair; often it's clear that Harris and Rodgers are the culprits, occasionally one is uncertain. The musician-generated sounds are a bit more up front but not extremely so. More to the point, their emergence seems, as a rule, to be approximately as exigent as the passing sirens, that is to say, unforced, unnecessary but not so intrusive. Less the AMM-ish dictum of making a sound when it *is* necessary, more subsuming oneself or trying to--tough goal) into the environment. For about 35 minutes, this was one of the most satisfying blocks of sound I've heard this year. Around then, some particularly violent amplified object noises leap to the foreground, disrupting matters in a way I found off-putting and intrusive, though I can imagine that being intentional on the part of Harris and Rodgers, perhaps aware that things had become too comfortable. One of those cases where thinking about the procedure in one way yields a different aesthetic reaction than another, always an interesting aspect to ponder.

"Unit 11" apparently uses the same approach, in a different environment, here encountering a thunderstorm near the beginning and containing distant, muffled voices, as though from a school or hospital. For a good portion it's just as successful as the preceding track, a bit calmer perhaps, with a similar "intrusive" moment around the 23 minute mark, this time a loud hum, soon followed by high-pitched, rapid squeaks embedded in static. Once more, the question arises whether this is more than necessary or whether "necessary" has anything to do with it. A kind of synthesis occurs over the final several minutes, I believe more performers than environs, where hums and rumbles merge into a very stirring aural wall.

Really fine, thoughtful music, my favorite of what I've heard from these fellows thus far."-Brian Olewnick, Just Outside

"Samuel Rodgers (co-curator of Consumer Waste) pairs up with sound artist Jack Harris on two explorations of minimal performance and sound creation. Working in a semi-urban ambience-open windows, barking dogs, distant sirens-the duo suggests both a specific location and a generic one. Their previous work has explored tensions between analogue and digital processes; here, sounds remain mainly non-instrumental in source: amplified object manipulation, cable hum, and different types of feedback intrude upon room tone at various intervals, like heavy clusters of dry floating leaves settling on transparent pillows. These pieces blur definitions of action and performance, and call into contemplation the intention of sound-making and what defines its "success," while repeatedly upending expectations about pace and content."-Notice Recordings

Professionally duplicated edition of 100 on Chrome plus tape stock.

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Product Information:

Professionally duplicated edition of 100 on Chrome plus tape stock.

Label: Notice Recordings
Catalog ID: NTR029
Squidco Product Code: 22151

Condition: New
Released: 2016
Country: USA
Packaging: Cassette
Recorded in Birmingham, England in August 2012, and in Nottingham, England in September 2013 by Samuel Rogers.


Jack Harris-performer

Samuel Rodgers-performer

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Track Listing:


1. Primary 46:25


1. Unit 11 42:08