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An impressive and unprecedented achievement in rock composition, This Heat's first album blends sonic work with avant rock, drawing liberally from no wave, punk, progressive, and more, influencing a generation and producing some of rock and improv's finest players.

This Heat

This Heat: This Heat [VINYL REISSUE] (Light in the Attic)

Label: Light in the Attic    
Released in: USA    

"This British group could neither be called post-punk nor progressive rock, yet This Heat was one of the most influential groups of the late '70s. They created uncanny experimental rock music that has many similarities in approach to German pioneers such as Can and Faust. Other groundbreaking independent groups such as Henry Cow and Wire may be their only peers, and much later This Heat also became profoundly influential on the '90s genre known as post-rock.

Their angular juxtapositions of abrasive guitar, driving rhythms, and noise loops on the opening cut, "Horizontal Hold," preempt much later activity in the electronica and drum'n'bass scenes. The outstanding "24 Track Loop" is based around a circular drum pattern that could have been a late-'90s jungle cut were it not recorded in late-'70s London, long before such strategies were even dreamed of in breakbeat music. This album is a great example of ahead-of-time genius, work that draws on elements of progressive rock, notably "Larks Tongues in Aspic"-era King Crimson for all its abrasive, warped rhythm, as well as Can, Neu!, and Faust's pioneering work -- though there is little else that comes close to the unique and distinctive avant rock sound, an entirely new take on the rock format.

Their self-titled debut is a radical conglomeration of progressive rock, musique concrète, free improvisation, and even -- in a bizarre distillation -- aspects of British folk can be heard in Charles Hayward's singing. There are very few records that can be considered truly important, landmark works of art that produce blueprints for an entire genre. In the case of this album, it's clear that this seminal work was integral in shaping the genres of post-punk, avant rock, and post-rock and like all great influential albums it seemed it had to wait two decades before its contents could truly be fathomed. In short, This Heat is essential."-Dean McFarlane, All Music

"Originally released in 1978 on the Piano label, This Heat's first album is an impressive and unprecedented achievement in rock composition. Hayward fuels the trio's radical approach, while Bullen and Williams bring a broad array of voices to the band, mixing tape and concrete ideas in songs with unusual vocal approaches - a sonic soup that's pushed by a tremendous amount of passion. They're often compared to Faust and (early) Can, but Crass, Current 93 and The Ex probably apply as well. Landmark is a word that gets passed around too frequently, but here it's accurate - this music was years ahead of its time and remains a compelling and driven album from an incredibly creative band."-ReR

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Product Information:

UPC: 826853091619

Label: Light in the Attic
Catalog ID: MCR916
Squidco Product Code: 21544

Format: LP
Condition: New
Released: 2016
Country: USA
Packaging: LP - Gatefold
mono/stereo cassette, 2 and 24 track recordings feb. 1976 - sept. 1978. Remastered July 2001 and April 2002 by Denis Blackham, Charles Bullen and Charles Hayward at Country Masters


Charles Bullen-guitar, clarinet, voice tapes, etc

Charles Hayward-percussion, keyboards, voice, tapes, etc

Gareth Williams-keyboards, guitar, bass, voice, tapes, etc

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Track Listing:


1. Test Card 0:47

2. Horizontal Hold 6:56

3. Not Waving 7:26

4. Water 3:11

5. Twilight Furniture 5:06


1. 24 Loop 5:57

2. Diet Of Worms 3:09

3. Music Like Escaping Gas 3:41

4. Rainforest 2:56

5. The Fall Of Saigon 5:10

6. Test Card 3:12