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The long-standing partnership of saxophonist Ivo Perelman and pianist Matthew Shipp take color, with each track taking the name of a hue, mixing shades through free improvisation of subtle grace in a masterful dialog that only two such complementary players can present.

Perelman, Ivo / Matthew Shipp
Complementary Colors

Perelman, Ivo / Matthew Shipp: Complementary Colors (Leo)

Label: Leo    
Released in: Great Britain    

"When a new batch of Ivo Perelman discs are released, yes he releases music from multiple groups on multiple discs, it is always wise to start with his duets with pianist Matthew Shipp. They've collaborated now for over twenty years, in duo, trio, quartet, and quintet settings. Their development of sound, each player's individual sound, has paralleled each other. Both players early works were distinguished by a torrid, blistering sound. One that struck a listener as if they intended to deliver the sum total of their musical thoughts into every session, maybe into every song.

Decades later, the pair dispatch music with a gained maturity that is ultimately more expressive. Complementary Colors follows their two-disc Callas (Leo, 2015) and The Art Of The Duet Volume One (Leo, 2013). Its theme of colors that complement, might just as well be musicians that complete each other's sentences.

The ten improvisations, to which Perelman conjured a title post-production, play off of colors first separate "Violet," "Yellow," then together "Violet And Yellow." The concept here employs the saxophonist's synesthesia, or his ability to hear colors. Maybe better explained, the saxophonist is also an accomplished painter, and he has the ability to create a visual work beyond just his sense of sight.

The pieces here, all instantly composed, travel sans set chords and tempos. The sound fits though, into a logic much like an impromptu conversation between old friends. Shipp's approach maintains an elegance that strives for grace. His fingers opt for a simple refinement of movement that complements the tenor of Perelman. Each piece nudges toward a free expression, but also nourishes a structure. The saxophonist is content to chase lovely miniature thoughts and carefully situate them alongside Shipp's notes. Just as he must lay down paint on canvas."-Mark Corroto

"Ivo Perelman is a painter. On this disc, each track takes the name of a colour. Like some other great artists, such as Miles Davis, Joni Mitchell, Herb Alpert, Rosco Mitchell and Tony Bennett, Ivo hears his drawings and sees his music. According to Ivo, one plus one equals more than two. Red plus blue equals more than purple. Hearing and seeing give you an infinite spectrum of colours and sounds. Neil Tesser: "In this music, the colours wash and swing and swirl and vibrate, reaching a splendid resonance throughout the audiovisual spectrum."-Leo

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Product Information:

UPC: 5024792074426

Label: Leo
Catalog ID: LEO 744
Squidco Product Code: 21398

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2015
Country: Great Britain
Packaging: Jewel Case
Recorded at Parkwest studios, Brooklyn New York, April 2015, by Jim Clouse.


Ivo Perelman-tenor saxophone

Matthew Shipp-piano

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Track Listing:

1. Violet 5:03

2. Yellow 5:09

3. Violet And Yellow 4:48

4. Blue 3:51

5. Red 4:15

6. Blue And Red 5:58

7. Green 4:55

8. Magenta 3:28

9. Green And Magenta 2:44

10. White 5:59