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Captured during a tour of the Pacific Northwest, the quartet of Bill Nace on electric guitar, Greg Campbell on drums & horns, Greg Kelley on trumpet and electronics, and Wally Shoup on alto sax recorded this wonderfully thick improv set at Gallery 1412 in Seattle, Washington.

Campbell, Greg / Greg Kelley / Bill Nace / Wally Shoup
One End to the Other [VINYL]

Campbell, Greg / Greg Kelley / Bill Nace / Wally Shoup: One End to the Other [VINYL] (OPEN MOUTH)

Label: OPEN MOUTH    
Released in: USA    

"Recorded during a recent trek to the Pacific Northwest, this session is very damaged by the post-tongue explosive devices packed by each of the quartet's members. Skittering along the most devious edge of improvisational madness, Greg, Greg, Bill and Mr. Shoup bring four chunks of deep underground moisture into the air for the first time. Let us make to examine them. "Morning" greets the listener beneath a raucous grackle filled tree, mounting to a commuters' rage. Then along comes a mage with mushrooms, and the growl and rasp spreads out into what one must imagine a stoned rabbit's brain records from a dawn.

In "Separating a door from a window", Mr. Shoup's sax limns the wall of sound into permeable spaces. The horns and percussion throw up bramble hollers of humorous squawk, but in the end, Wally is triumphant. Like smoke snaking over the door, "Transom" is a very present and seductive piece. If you are a programmer, this is an excellent sound experience to loop, as it is both loving and bossy. Horn and reed lead you into 'Nothing is deprived of its warmth,' and then gleefully pierce your eardrums with needles. Once the path has been cleared to your brain, molten notes are poured in and, like a Dead Head prostrate with his pipe, you become one with the universe. A warm universe.

At first I thought it was weird they named this album after the lost book of Tolkien's Simarillion. Now I'm not so sure."-Lili Dwight/Byron Coley

"Each second of "Morning," a ten-plus minute effort by improvisers Shoup, Kelley, Campbell, and Nace (from their new LP One End to the Other), presents a sonic situation on the verge of explosion and/or collapse. A rolling wall of Nace's guitar fuzz wavers from beginning to end, growing louder and louder as the piece progresses. Shoup squeaks and hums alto sax tones, some long and some short, repeated and disorienting. Kelley uses his trumpet in a likewise dualistic manner, sometimes squeezing out moaning, muted sirens and other times punctuating the tenuous composition with sharp stabs. Campbell's percussion is active, restless even, but takes a more spread-out, exploratory approach that's duly unsettling-at least until the climax, about six minutes in, during which everyone lets loose, making good on the ever-threatening aural explosion of the piece's first half."-Joe Bucciero,

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Product Information:

Catalog ID: OM 044LP
Squidco Product Code: 21340

Format: LP
Condition: New
Released: 2015
Country: USA
Packaging: LP
Recorded at Gallery 1412 in Seattle, Washington, on Feburary 8th, 2015, by Luke Bergman.


Greg Campbell-drums, percussion, cornet, french horn

Greg Kelley-trumpet, microphone/mini-amp

Bill Nace-electric guitar

Wally Shoup-alto sax

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Track Listing:


1. Morning

2 Separating A Door From A Window


1. Transom

2. Nothing Is Deprived Of Its Warmth