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A magnificent septet led by Norbert Lobo on guitar and Joao Lobo on drums, blending jazz with free folk elements, instrumental music that defies easy categorization but which wins the listener over with its inherent melodicism and embracing love of expression.

Lobo, Norberto / Joao Lobo
Oba Loba

Lobo, Norberto / Joao Lobo: Oba Loba (Shhpuma)

Label: Shhpuma    
Released in: Portugal    

"Mogul de Jade, the CD which joined the two Lobos for the first time - Lobo Norberto and Lobo João -, with a music that puzzled the label maniacs,couldn't be an isolated act. The guitarist and the drummer are back with an album promising to be even more problematic, for store owners and record colectors, in what concerns the task to put it on the shelves. There's more than one way to listen to "Oba Loba": as a folk work going beyond the codes of this music idiom, "weird folk" included, or as a jazz opus contaminated by other expressions, more than what usually happens in the "creative jazz" segment.

The music here is hybrid, ambiguous, ambivalent, interstitial and a big surprise for all those who could think that the presences, as sidemen, of Giovanni Di Domenico, Jordi Grognard, Niels van Heertum, Lynn Cassiers, Ananta Roosens, Daniele Martini and Gregoire Tirtiaux are evidences that there´s some jazz, or some free improvised music, going on. Well, it's not true. Jazz is there, alright, as are multiple folk elements, but there's much more to ear. It's impossible to identify every factor, every influence, every reference we can find minute by minute, and that's good. In this fantastic edition, everything is in a process of osmosis, with the cells uniting instead of dividing themselves."-Shhpuma

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Product Information:

UPC: 5609063800141

Label: Shhpuma
Catalog ID: SHH014CD
Squidco Product Code: 20393

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2014
Country: Portugal
Packaging: Cardboard sleeve with insert
Recorded at Studio Grez in Brussels, Belgium, by Giovanni Di Domenico.


Norbert Lobo-acoustic and electric guitars, fender rhodes, electric bass, monotron, vocals

Joao Lobo-drums, harp, vocals

Giovanni Di Domenico-piano, fender rhodes, reed organ, sherman, vocals

Ananta Roosens-violin, trumpet, trumpet-violin, vocals

Jordi Grognard-clarinet, bass clarinet, vocals

Lynn CAassiers-vocals, electronics, woodblock

Niels Van Heertum-euphonium

Daniele Martini-tenor saxophone

Gregiore Tirtiaux-drums, harp, vocals

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Track Listing:

1. Tous Les Lapins 3:28

2. Kasuari 3:08

3. Aaaaaaa 6:32

4. Olarias 3:07

5. Tak for Sherman 3:41

6. Violynn 1:23

7. Bahiiia 4:50

8. Castorium 4:26

9. Arpa 2:16

10. Magari 6:04

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