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Christof Kurzmann has been a part of Extended Versions, The Magic I.D., Made to Break, El Infierno, Trio x 3, &c; this double LP collects unreleased tracks from a diversity of projects with collaborators B. Fleischmann, Ken Vandermark, Robert Wyatt, Mats Gustafsson, Tony Buck, &c. &c.

Kurzmann, Christof
Then & Now [VINYL]

Kurzmann, Christof: Then & Now [VINYL] (Trost Records)

Label: Trost Records    
Released in: Austria    

Christof Kurzmann, Austrian musician and composer, curator, label-founder (Charhizma), co-founder of the legendary Viennese bar for electronic music (Rhiz) with many releases/bands/projects over the years, turns 50. A perfect time for a big multi-variant collection of his unreleased work: solos, duos, special collaborations, groups, for instance with B. Fleischmann, Ken Vandermark, Robert Wyatt, Mats Gustafsson, Tony Buck, and many more. From electronica to avant-garde and improvisation to political chansons.

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Product Information:

UPC: 9120036681767

Label: Trost Records
Catalog ID: TROST 120LP
Squidco Product Code: 19973

Format: LP
Condition: New
Released: 2014
Country: Austria
Packaging: Vinyl LP in a Gatefold Sleeve
Various Recordings


Andrea Neumann-Inside Piano

Bernhard Fleischmann-Drums, Electronics, Sampler

Christof Kurzmann-Alto Saxophone, Electric Bass, Vocals, Acoustic Laptop, Amplified Rubber Band, Lloopp, Ppooll Live Processing

Clayton Thomas-Bass

Eden Carrasco-Alto Saxophone

Eva Reiter-Viola Da Gamba

Gerard Grisey-Composition

Heike Aumuller-Organ, Vocals

Helmut Heiland-Electric Guitar

Johannes Frisch-Acoustic Bass

John Butcher-Soprano Saxophone

Kai Fagaschinski-Clarinet

Ken Vandermark-Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet

Leonel Kaplan-Trumpet

Marcello Silvio Busato-Drums

Margareth Kammerer-Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Vocals

Martin Brandlmayr-Vibraphone

Martin Siewert-Electric Guitar, Sampler

Mats Gustafsson-Soprano Saxophone

Michael Thieke-Clarinet

Oliver Stotz-Electric Guitar

Paul Kling-Vibraphone

Robert Wyatt-Trumpet

Sofia Jernberg-Vocals

Thomas Weber-Electric Guitar

Tony Buck-Drums

Werner Dafeldecker-Acoustic Bass, Double Bass

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Track Listing:

Side A:

1. Extended Versions: I Never Knew

Christof Kurzmann-Electric Bass, Vocals
Helmut Heiland-Electric Guitar

2. Oliver Stotz & Christof Kurzmann & Robert Wyatt: Noah's Song

Oliver Stotz-Electric Guitar
Robert Wyatt-Trumpet
Christof Kurzmann-Vocals

3. Margareth Kammerer: You're My Thrill

Christof Kurzmann-Alto Saxophone
Werner Dafeldecker-Double Bass
Marcello Silvio Busato-Drums
Margareth Kammerer-Vocals, Electric Guitar

4. Year Of, The: Alone

Werner Dafeldecker-Acoustic Bass
Bernhard Fleischmann-Drums, Electronics
Martin Siewert-Electric Guitar
Paul Kling-Vibraphone
Christof Kurzmann-Vocals

5. Christof Kurzmann: 4 Rooms

Tony Buck-Drums
Christof Kurzmann-Electronics [Ppooll Live Processing]
Andrea Neumann-Piano [Inside]

Side B:

1. Kammerflimmer Kollektief & Christof Kurzmann: Till The Rain Will End The Drama

Johannes Frisch-Acoustic Bass
Thomas Weber-Electric Guitar
Heike Aumüller-Organ, Vocals

2. Christof Kurzmann: Places

Gérard Grisey-Composition
Christof Kurzmann-Electronics [Ppooll Remix]

Side C:

1. El Infierno Musical: Te Recuerdo Amando

Clayton Thomas-Bass
Ken Vandermark-Clarinet
Martin Brandlmayr-Vibraphone
Eva Reiter-Viola Da Gamba

2. Edén Carrasco & Christof Kurzmann: Track 1

Edén Carrasco-Alto Saxophone
Christof Kurzmann-Electronics [Ppooll]

3. Sofia Jernberg & Christof Kurzmann: She

Christof Kurzmann-Electronics [Ppooll], Vocals
Bernhard Fleischmann-Sampler
Sofia Jernberg-Vocals

4. Magic I.D., The & John Butcher: Something

Margareth Kammerer-Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Kai Fagaschinski-Clarinet
Michael Thieke-Clarinet
Christof Kurzmann-Electronics [Lloopp], Vocals
John Butcher-Soprano Saxophone

Side D:

1. Ken Vandermark & Christof Kurzmann: Track 2

Christof Kurzmann-Electronics [Lloopp]
Ken Vandermark-Tenor Saxophone

2. Leonel Kaplan & Christof Kurzmann: Live At Musikprotokoll 2012

Christof Kurzmann-Electronics [Acoustic Laptop]
Leonel Kaplan-Trumpet

3. Mats Gustafsson & Christof Kurzmann: Live At Klingt.Org Gala 2014

Christof Kurzmann-Electronics [Amplified Rubber Band]
Mats Gustafsson-Soprano Saxophone

4. Bernhard Fleischmann* & Christof Kurzmann: Every Day I Write A Book

Bernhard Fleischmann-Electronics
Martin Siewert-Sampler
Christof Kurzmann-Vocals

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