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Zeitkratzer directed by Reinhold Friedl reinterpret Lou Reed's controversial album "Metal Machine Music", transcribing the sounds to create an acoustic music score for their ensemble to play live.

Zeitkratzer Performs Lou Reed
Metal Machine Music: First Full Instrumental Version

Zeitkratzer Performs Lou Reed: Metal Machine Music: First Full Instrumental Version (Zeitkratzer)

Label: Zeitkratzer    
Released in: Austria    

"Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music has become accepted by the avant-garde and highly regarded for its contribution to the "free music" movement in popular culture. Zeitkratzer gave Reed'salbum a thorough listen and transcribed the sounds to create an acoustic music score for their ensemble to play live. Those familiar with the oft-criticized two-disc album might wonder how they pulled this off. zeitkratzer was clearly ready for the challenges of performing Metal Machine Music live, and drew packed houses to their presentation of the work. It reinforced their assertion that "rock 'n' roll as serious contemporary music has been ignored for too long, in too arrogant a way." The relentless sound forces the mind to put aside its preconceptions about what music is supposed to sound like, or feel like, or look like. The brain starts to implode, or explode, or dissolve Zen-like into the controlled chaos of the performance, discovering a strange exhilaration, accepting an invitation to explore the outer reaches of texture and timbre and experience a sonic freedom that's rare in any art form."-Zeitkratzer

"About 10 years after their first, critically acclaimed performances of Lou Reed's adventurous album, zeitkratzer presents an audacious new interpretation of this 20th century avant-garde classic. Here, for the first time ever, all four parts of Metal Machine Music played by zeitkratzer on one recording! Seriously "clangorous"! Mixed and mastered by Rashad Becker. Also available on 2LP on Karlrecords."Played by a live group, "Metal Machine Music" sounds even wilder and more frenetic, and zeitkratzer's act of fandom moves "Metal Machine Music" into a context where, perhaps, it always belonged: as an avant-garde piece of bristling minimalism..." New York Times"In all honesty, I can say that you've probably never seen or heard anything quite like this. Take a step into the new and dangerous by listening to Metal Machine Music as performed by the zeitkratzer ensemble live."-BBC London

Also available on vinyl LP.

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Product Information:

UPC: 4250137262864

Label: Zeitkratzer
Catalog ID: ZKR 016CD
Squidco Product Code: 19221

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2014
Country: Austria
Packaging: Jewel Case
Recorded live at Festival Romaeuropa at the Palladium in Rome, Italy, by Klaus Dobbrick.


Frank Gratkowski-clarinets

Matt Davis-trumpet

Hilary Jeffery-trombone

Reinhold Friedl-piano

Marc Weiser-guitar

Maurice de Martin-percussion

Burkhard Schlothauer-violin

Anton Lukoszevieze-violoncello

Uli Phillipp-double bass.

Lou Reed-composer

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Track Listing:

1. Metal Machine Music, Pt. 1 16:11

2. Metal Machine Music, Pt. 2 16:01

3. Metal Machine Music, Pt. 3 16:19

4. Metal Machine Music, Pt. 4 16:38