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A DVD compilation of databending & video art from video and sound artists Raul Dominguez & Miguel A. Garcia, Muckrackers, loopool & Zara Kand, Kelly Donovan, Wayne Mason, Nipple Stools, CihanLucia, Third I, Carl Kruger, Meat Hands, Somnaphon, Regosphere.

Pixel Hexing
A Databending / Video Art Compilation [DVD]

Pixel Hexing: A Databending / Video Art Compilation [DVD] (Bicephalic)

Label: Bicephalic    
Released in: USA    

"A DVD compilation of databending & video art. Static harmonies flail furiously against electric walls of light. Boundless emanations. The television screen is your ally. Keep watching television."-Bicephalic

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Product Information:

Label: Bicephalic
Catalog ID: BC0101
Squidco Product Code: 19143

Format: DVD
Condition: New
Released: 2014
Country: USA
Packaging: DVD snap case

Raúl Dominguez & Miguel A. García


loopool & Zara Kand

Kelly Donovan

Wayne Mason

Nipple Stools


Third I

Carl Kruger

Meat Hands



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Track Listing:

Raúl Dominguez & Miguel A. García : L'oeil du Silence .01

Muckrackers : Composition Dynamique Destructrice Agitée 85, 87, & 89 .02

loopool & Zara Kand : Star Fall .03

Kelly Donovan : History Eater .04

Wayne Mason : The Valley of the Non-Thinking .05

Nipple Stools : Smigg .06

CihanLucia : i don't recall [Amarcord.2] .07

Third I : Glitch Piece 07 .08

Carl Kruger : Post-Irene Freak Folk Glitch .09

Meat Hands : Muzzle .10

Somnaphon : Enesate .11

Regosphere : Beneath the Sheath .12