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United States of America Triptych (II)

Andrea Belfi, David Grubbs, David Maranha, Pete Simonelli play Ten Intrusions

United States of America Triptych (II): Andrea Belfi, David Grubbs, David Maranha, Pete Simonelli pl (Bolt)

Andrea Belfi (percussion), David Grubbs (guitar), David Maranha (organ), and Pete Simonelli (voice) perform "Ten Intrusions", following the model set by Harry Partch's 1949-1950 composition "Eleven Intrusions".

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product information:

Label: Bolt
Catalog ID: BR POP08
Squidco Product Code: 18998

Format: CD
Condition: Sale (New)
Released: 2014
Country: Poland
Packaging: Cardstock Gatefold Sleeve 3 panels
Recorded by The Norman Conquest on the 4th of October, 2012, in Powiekszenie, Poland.


Pete Simonelli-voice

David Grubbs-guitar

David Maranha-organ

Andrea Belfi-percussion

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track listing:

1. The Rose 2:33

2. The Crane 1:25

3. First Intrusion 1:08

4. The Waterfall 1:34

5. The Wind 2:07

6. The Street 4:05

7. Lover 3:16

8. Second Intrusion 1:55

9. Soldier-War-Another War 3:12

10. Vanity 2:13
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Spoken Word
Improvised Music
Free Improvisation
Electro-Acoustic Improv
New in Experimental & Electronic Music

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descriptions, reviews, &c.

Andrea Belfi (percussion), David Grubbs (guitar), David Maranha (organ), and Pete Simonelli (voice) perform "Ten Intrusions", following the model set by Harry Partch's 1949-1950 composition "Eleven Intrusions". Texts are by Ella Young (1, 4), Ella Young and Lao Tzu (5), Tsurayuki (2), Willard Motley (6), George Leite (7), Giuseppe Ungaretti (9, 10).

""The Eleven Intrusions" are mostly vocal works, composed by Harry Partch (1901 - 1974), after he moved into an abandoned smithy on a Gualala, California ranch.

Partch now had an opportunity to gather the instruments he had built to play his music. They had been inaccessible, in storage with various friends, for several years. Their presence, and the beautiful coastal scenery, were highly stimulating to his imagination [...] "The Eleven Intrusions" are among Partch's gentlest and most emotionally direct compositions. "-Joseph Stevenson, All Music

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Artist Biographies:

"David Maranha is a Portuguese musician known from the experimental/drone project Osso Exótico, which regularly releases albums since the 80s. More recently, David has released some albums under his own name (Marchs Of The New World - 2008, Antarctica - 2010, among others). His albums' reviews and his discography can be found at"

-Last.FM (

"Andrea Belfi is a drummer, composer and experimental musician.

Through the last twenty years he has developed a unique style of drumming, influenced by his many experiences with experimental and electronic music, rock, improv. His hypnotic rhythms and textures create immersive soundscapes for the listener to float in.

He has released five solo albums and more than fifty collaborative records on labels such as ROOM40, Miasmah, Häpna, Die Schachtel, Constellation, Blue Chopsticks.

He has collaborated, among others, with Mike Watt, Carla Bozulich, David Grubbs, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Nils Frahm, Greg Haines, Circuit des Yeux, Andrea Parkins, Werner Dafeldecker, Erik Skodvin, Stefano Pilia, Aidan Baker, Lori Goldston, BjNilsen.

Belfi's interest in contemporary art led him to exhibit sound-art installations throughout Europe and U.S. and to collaborate with visual artists like Angela Bulloch and Aldo Tambellini.

AB has performed at Centre Pompidou (Paris), Unsound Festival (Krakow), Cafè Oto (London), Issue Project Room (New York), GAS festival (Göteborg) and Artplay (Moscow)."

-Andrea Belfi Website (

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