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The trio of Miguel A. Garcia (electronics), Tomas Gris (objects) and Lee Noyes (piano) in a single extended and understated improvisation mixing acoustic and electronic sources, building and subsiding in its interesting journey.

Garcia, Miguel / Tomas Gris / Lee Noyes
Asto Ilunno

Garcia, Miguel / Tomas Gris / Lee Noyes: Asto Ilunno (Idealstate Recordings)
Label: Idealstate Recordings    
Released in: Sweden    

"A Celtic goddess of the dawn? That was one of the rare hits I received when running Asto Illuno through Google. In any case, we have a brief (30+ minutes) trio excursion into AMMish territory from Garcia (electronics), Gris (objects) and Noyes (piano). It's much more subdued than I would have guessed going in, beginning with pointillist probing, expanding to twitters and short pulses, resisting long tones but assuredly retaining the flow. The dynamics gradually increase as does the density of the sound, the pulses growing harsher though the piano correspondingly works low and calm, gruffly anchoring things. The essential structure follows the traditional AMM arc, something that has long since become almost routine yet, when performed with a combination of sensitivity and imagination, as is the case here, still has the ability to satisfy. The (seemingly) cracked electronics offers a broken mirror to the piano, the trio negotiating that rise and fall quite well before amusingly falling to pieces in the past couple of minutes in a tangle of boops, bleeps and bangs. A solid, thoroughly enjoyable recording."-Brian Olewnick, Just Outside

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Label: Idealstate Recordings
Catalog ID: ISR1-13
Squidco Product Code: 18249

Format: CDR
Condition: New
Released: 2013
Country: Sweden
Packaging: Digipack

Miguel A. Garcia-electronics

Tomas Gris-objects

Lee Noyes-piano

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Track Listing:

1. Asto Ilunno 31:25