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A set of 2 CDs and 2 DVDs capturing four concerts of reedist and composer Vinny Golia's Large Ensemble performing from 1996-2006, showing the evolution of the band, plus an amazing concert with an African drum ensemble in 2006.

Golia, Vinny Large Ensemble
Overview; 1996-2006 [CD + DVD]

Golia, Vinny Large Ensemble: Overview; 1996-2006 [CD + DVD] (Nine Winds)
Label: Nine Winds    
Released in: USA    

"This set of 2 CDs and 2 DVDs is an overview of 4 concerts selected from 1996 to 2006.

The Portland concert (1996) was the Large Ensemble's last concert on a tour of the west coast of the United States. The second set was released in its entirety as "Portland 1996" (Nine Winds NWCD0180). The first set is too long to be released completely, so a portion of the composition "GCG" and the percussion duets was edited for time constraints.

The Bing Concert at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (2000) was the second day of a series of concerts in Ventura and Los Angeles, California, the recording is of the first set.

Over the span of 10 years (1996-2006) the band expanded and became a chamber orchestra. (This large chamber ensemble is closer to my original conception of the group, which was formed in March of 1982).

At the REDCAT concerts, (2006) the idea of the Large Ensemble as a chamber orchestra is in full bloom, with our largest contingent of strings, woodwind, and brass sections. The REDCAT concert series was a two day event, with a unique second day which featured Master Drummer Alfred Lapzedo and an African drum ensemble that joined the Large Ensemble for the second set.

The DVDs are captures of the REDCAT concerts and were edited by the film maker Anal Shan using one sttionary and one hand held camera which were subsequently blended together for the footatge."-Vinny Golia, Los Angeles 2012

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Product Information:

UPC: 809819200720

Label: Nine Winds
Catalog ID: NWCD DVD 0300
Squidco Product Code: 17434

Format: CD & DVD
Condition: New
Released: 2012
Country: USA
Packaging: DVD snap case
1-1 to 1-6 (CD) recorded live in Portland in 1996. 2-1 to 2-7 (CD) recorded live in Los Angeles in 2000. 3-1 (DVD) and 4-1 (DVD) recorded at the RedCat Theatre, Los Angeles, CA on March 31st and April 1st, 2006


Joe McNalley-bass

Joel Hamilton-bass

Ken Filiano-bass

Andrew Pask-bass clarinet

Brian Walsh-bass clarinet

Charles Fernandez-bassoon

Sara Schoenbeck-bassoon

Tara Speiser-bassoon

Aniela Perry-cello

April Guthrie-cello

Colin Pierson-cello

Guenivere Meashem-cello

Jessica Catron-cello

Jonathan Golove-cello

Peggy Lee-cello

Rachel Arnold-cello

Marc Lowenstein-conductor

Stephanie Henry-conductor

Vinny Golia-woodwinds, conductor

Alex Cline-drums

Ches Smith-drums

Jennifer Jester-euphonium

Cory Wright-flute

Steve Fowler-flute

Bill Plake-tenor saxophone

Kathleen Pisarro-oboe, English horn

Paul Sherman-oboe, English horn

Alan Lecusha-oboe, English horn, flute, clarinet, alto clarinet, Bb clarinet, baritone saxophone

Brad Dutz-percussion

David Johnson-mallets

Wayne Peet-piano, keyboards

Kim Richmond-piccolo flute, flute, alto saxophone, Bb clarinet

Steve Adams-piccolo flute, flute, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone

Christine Tavalocci-piccolo flute, flute,

Eric Barber-soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, Bb clarinet

George McMullen-trombone

Bruce Fowler-trombone

Mike Vlatkovich-trombone

Nate Brown-trombone

Scott Ray-trombone

Danny Hemwall-bass trombone

Phil Teele-bass trombone

Robbie Hioki-bass trombone

Arron Smith-trumpet, flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet

Daniel Rosenbloom-trumpet, flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet

Ed Harkins-trumpet, flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet

Glen Whitehead-trumpet, flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet

Jeff Kaiser-trumpet, flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet

John Fumo-trumpet, flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet

Kris Tiner-trumpet, flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet

Rob Blaeslee-trumpet, flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet

Sal Cracchiolo-trumpet, flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet

William Roper-tuba

Eric K M Clark-violin

Harry Scorzo-violin

James Mar-violin

Jeff Gauthier-violin

Johnny Chang-violin

Melinda Rice-violin

Ronit Kirschman-violin

William Roper-voice

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Track Listing:

Live In Portland (1996) First Set

1-1 Escalanties 16:39

1-2 Transition 3:35

1-3 Critical Mystery 6:49

1-4 Robert's North Of Watford Rule 14:28

1-5 Transition 1:20

1-6 GCG / Carnivore 26:11

Live In Los Angeles (2000) First Set

2-1 Transition / Give Me The Pearl 7:10

2-2 Bot 9:48

2-3 Transition / Alone In A World Of His Own Creation 11:12

2-4 Alone In A World Of His Own Creation / Transition 9:25

2-5 Thread For Fred 5:14

2-6 Thread For Fred 11:47

2-7 Something Heard 4:43

Live At The Redcat Theater (2006) First Set

3-1 Transition / Zup & Barfle / Very Meringue; The Return Of Lynn Johnson / Second And Foremost / Reverse Olfactory Lip Curl-With Slight Head Refrain 58:07

Live At The Redcat Theater (2006) Second Set

4-1 Transition / Lennie Has All The Good Lines / Elephants Pursued By Man In Flying Plane / Transition / Jagged Pieces Feed The Puzzles / Transition / Do Something Wonderful 65:15