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Improvising artists Catherine Jauniaux on voice, bird call, cupule, cazoo and eRikm on turntables, electronics, live sampling, architect lamp recorded these 17 pieces for the radio show A L'improviste by Anne Montaron for France Culture Radio.

Jauniaux, Catherine / eRikm
Pantoneon / Mal des Ardents [2 CDs]

Jauniaux, Catherine / eRikm: Pantoneon / Mal des Ardents [2 CDs] (Mikroton Recordings)
Label: Mikroton Recordings    
Released in: Russia    

"In the begining, there are stories, sometimes dark, told by Catherine Jauniaux. With stunning ease, she invents imaginary conversations where several protagonists spring from deep in her throat, like rabbits out of a hat, like actors from Japanese Noh theatre.

eRikm's electronic sounds fuse and infiltrate hers creating an unsettling environment - clearing the way or tangling it up in a sound skin.

A skillful and fragile performance, tinted with surealism, plumb up and yet close on the edge! Ah! if all the cabarets in the world..."-Mikroton

eRikm & Catherine Jauniaux: The Turntables Of Improvisation..

"Captured. From the first second of their show the public hangs on the Catherine Jauniaux's voice, is hypnotised by the extraordinary antics of eRikm at his turntables. No hold barred, they are in a kind of in- satiable creative trance. A pure and very deep-rooted improvisation, a journey into the soul where all states can be experienced. Catherine Jauniaux journies through her extensive vocal range and wends and weaves all feelings with disconcerting ease, eRikm creates a surprise at every turn. Poetic and ardent music, deeply human . The constant pleasure of playing with the musicality of words and the fabulous resources of the body. Erik follows, surrounds, initiates, an- ticipates or concludes the vocal propositions with equally inventive virtuosity. Vertiginous!"-Anne Montaron

Catherine Jauniaux

Catherine Jauniaux started as an actress with Roland Topor in Belgium. During the late 1970s and 1980s, she sang with several experimental rock groups, including Aksak Maboul and The Work and recorded a solo album, Fluvial. In the early 1990s, Catherine Jauniaux moved to New York City where she became part of the Downtown music scene, performing with a number of musicians, including Fred Frith, Tom Cora, Marc Ribot, Zeena Parkins, Butch Morris, and founded the duo Vibraslap with Ikue Mori. In 1995 Jauniaux and Cora moved to Southern France where she continued performing with various European musicians, including Louis Sclavis, Heiner Goebbels, Otomo Yoshihide and Christian Marclay.

Described as a "one-woman-orchestra", a "human sampler", She is inspired by traditional music, both real and imagined, and her performances mix seriousness and humour. She explores sound, emotion, melody and abstraction, and her vocal improvisations range from "traditional French chansons to breathy folk to Dadaistic glossolalia.


eRikm, based in Marseille, started his musicial activities as a virtuoso turntablist in early 90s, gradually shifting his focus to more abstract music, sometimes abandoning turntables or substituting them with minidiscs or CD-turntables. His recent record output includes collaborations with Michel Doneda, Jerome Noetinger, dieb13, the late Luc Ferrari, Thomas Lehn, Norbert Möslang, as well as solo albums Variations Opportunistes, Sixpériodes, Stème, Lux Paylettes and the most recent Monographie.

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Product Information:

Label: Mikroton Recordings
Catalog ID: mikroton cd 21 | 22
Squidco Product Code: 17363

Format: 2 CDs
Condition: New
Released: 2013
Country: Russia
Packaging: 2 CDs in cardstock foldover
Mal des Ardents recorded in autumn 2010 by Benjamin Chauvin, Sandrine and Pierre Brechot Willer, for the radio show A L'improviste and by J-Kristoff Camps for the Festival Sonorites. Pantoneon recorded live in Basil at Atlantis Switzerland for Taktlos festival on May 11th, 2000.


eRikm-turntables, electronics, live sampling, architect lamp

Catherine Jauniaux-voice, bird call, cupule, cazoo

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Track Listing:

CD 1: Mal des Ardents

1. Son Pas 4:23

2. Tchip 6:06

3. Metamorphose 3:46

4. Il Lui Touche Le Bras Paf! 5:01

5. Ne Pas 4:45

6. Le Reve Est Un Arbre 2:27

7. La Mer 3:46

8. Mal Des Ardents 5:08

9. Souvenir De Son Ventre Dans La Terre Mouillee 7:41

CD 2: Pantoneon

1. Pervadere 4:18

2. I'm Not Far 5:09

3. Sous-Jacente 4:16

4. Regal De Tamanoir 2:25

5. Une Chanson Vraiment Triste 3:06

6. Ballade 2:54

7. La Lenteur Fait Crier Les Amants 3:08

8. Le Canari 2:14

9. Alaska Bar's Dance 2:10

10. L'Echafaudage Echoue I 2:16

11. L'Echafaudage Echoue II 1:37

12. A Dream 2:12

13. Pantoneon 3:40

14. Quand L'Arbre A Perdu Son Ombre 4:10

15. Quand L'Arbre A Perdu Son Ombre (Suite) 3:43

16. Sad Raga 4:27

17. Yiddish Song 4:44