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German electroacoustic composer Boris Hegenbart used the exclusive recordings of 19 invited musicians and sound artists to rebuild and reconstruct their music in suprising ways; artists include Fred Frith, David Grubbs, Oren Ambarchi, Felix Kubin, &c. &c.

Hegenbart, Boris & 19 Artists (Frith / Ambarchi / Grubbs / Brandlmary / &c)
Instrumentarium [VINYL 2 LPs]

Hegenbart, Boris & 19 Artists (Frith / Ambarchi / Grubbs / Brandlmary / &c): Instrumentarium [VINYL (God Records)
Label: God Records    
Released in: Austria    

"Eight years ago, Boris Hegenbart began turning his interests in Dub principles into reality and during this period of time, he made his collaborations with (or if you want, he made commissions for) monumental artists, such as Fred Frith (Henry Cow, Art Bears, Skeleton Crew, Naked City, Material, Massacre), David Grubbs (Gastr del Sol, Codeine ), Oren Ambarchi (Burial Chamber Trio, Sunn O)))), Martin Brandlmayr (Radian, Polwechsel), Felix Kubin, Ulrich Krieger (Metal Machine Trio), etc...

The principle was simple: artists did overdub recordings with Hegenbart's material, which would be later transformed, using studio as an instrument, as a typical work process that features 99% history of dub sound. But in this case, dub is only a statement or concept, which means, there are no typical dub trademarks and tools (delay, reverb). This leads to only one result:

This double vinyl master piece, is nothing more then a perfect homogenous collection of so many different personalities at the same place/record. The hardest and the greatest achievement, is to connect all of them into one musical milestone, something that Boris Hegenbart succeeded without highfaluting."-God Records

Also available on CD.

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Product Information:


Label: God Records
Catalog ID: GOD 09
Squidco Product Code: 17085

Format: LP
Condition: New
Released: 2012
Country: Austria
Packaging: 2 LPs in a Gatefold Sleeve
Mastered by Rashad Becker.


Boris Hegenbart-composer

Michael Vorfeld-percussion

Martin Siewert-guitar

Stephan Mathieu-drums

David Grubbs-tenor banjo

Jan Thoben-drums

Bernhard Gunter-electric cellotar

Sascha Demand-guitar

Hannes Strobl-bass, drums

Hanno Leichtmann-bass, drums

Oren Ambarchi-vocals, guitars, organ, bells, percussion, motorized cymbal

Marc Weiser-guitar, whistle

Martin Brandlmayr-drums

Christophe Charles-violin, stones, guitar, vocoder

Ed Osborn-guitar

Felix Kubin-electronic organ

F.S. Blumm-guitar

Boris Hauf-rhodes

Ulrich Krieger-saxophone

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Track Listing:


01. Boris Hegenbart & Michael Vorfeld (percussion) - m ginger v

02. Boris Hegenbart & Martin Siewert (guitar) - m makrobe s

03. Boris Hegenbart & Stephan Mathieu (drums) - s anode m

04. Boris Hegenbart & David Grubbs (tenor banjo) - d hermetik g


05. Boris Hegenbart & Jan Thoben (drums) - j gespog t

06. Boris Hegenbart & Bernhard Günter (electric cellotar) - b hermetik g

07. Boris Hegenbart & Sascha Demand (guitar) - s snooze d

08. Boris Hegenbart & Fred Frith (guitar) - f makrobe f


09. Boris Hegenbart & Hannes Strobl & Hanno Leichtmann (bass&drums) - h snooze h

10. Boris Hegenbart & Oren Ambarchi (vocals, guitars, bells, organ, percussion, motorized cymbal) - o feld a

11. Boris Hegenbart & Marc Weiser (guitar, whistle) - m makrobe w

12. Boris Hegenbart & Martin Brandlmayr (drums) - m makrobe b


13. Boris Hegenbart & Christophe Charles (violin&stones&guitar&vocoder) - c smip c

14. Boris Hegenbart & Ed Osborn (guitar) - e feld o

15. Boris Hegenbart & Felix Kubin (Electronic Organ) - f ink k

16. Boris Hegenbart & F.S.Blumm (guitar) - f frh b

17. Boris Hegenbart & Boris Hauf (Rhodes) - b crockl h

18. Boris Hegenbart & Ulrich Krieger (saxophone) - u anode k