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Since meeting in Beirut at the 2006 Irtijal Festival, the duo of trumpeter Axel Dorner and electronic artist Jassem Hindi have regularly performed their electroacoustic music using their equipment and instruments in unusual ways.

Dorner, Axel & Jassem Hindi
waterkil [WHITE VINYL]

Dorner, Axel & Jassem Hindi: waterkil [WHITE VINYL] (Corvo)
Label: Corvo    
Released in: Germany    

"After meeting for the first time in Beirut during the Irtijal Festival 2006, Axel Dörner and Jassem Hindi had their first musical collaborationin Switzerland two years later in 2008. From that time on they have regularly performed as a duo on different occasions.The music of the duo is electroacoustic music with trumpet and electronics, both musicians using their musical equipment and systems in an unusual way, developing their own techniques of sound creation.They are interested in exploring different possibilities of combinations of all musical parameters in a new way, so that the shape of their music can, for example, lead into unstable electric fields, frozen soundcolumns, and unexpected cuts in a surprising order. Both musicians try to push a sound texture or a series of sounds to their threshold and to drive those sound materials to where they show they're constraints, saturation, inner necessity and physical laws. These are shown to matter as much as parts of a musical gesture.

The recordings for their album waterkil were made during a three week residency at EMS in Stockholm and during a live show at -able gallery in Berlin. Audible snapshots of a river course, maybe a kind of freaked out Smetana "The Moldau River" transform itself into liquid oil paint on a defibrated canvas of a landscape painting, the surface scratched by a rusty palette knife. From reductionistic hisses and crackles the range goes to distorted family-life field recordings and confronts these elements with a noisy and voluminous climax of electronic drone layers. The miniatures are frequently interrupted by parts of silence, giving the whole piece a very dynamic structure.

Axel Dörner plays a so-called "firebird" trumpet which is extended with a mixingboard, microphones and an interface constructed by Sukandar Katardinata. With this equipment he is generating electro-acoustic music defined through his own extended-technique trumpet sounds, feedback and a special self-developed kind of live-sampling of his trumpet.

The lavish three page gatefold cover is based on drawings by Matthias Reinhold. The outer side shows a panoramic pencil drawing of something that could be a river looming through an entanglement of spiny rank growth. Inside is a agglomerate of small particels, each one a kind of a representative of the miniatures audible on the crystal clear Vinyl. Like undecipherable magic characters or unknown species of insects dispersed on the cardboard and specifically invented by Matthias Reinhold for the record."-Corvo Records

"Dörner and Hindi often treat the boundary between sound and silence as some sort of treacherous tightrope. Waterkil is sometimes no more than a wispy exhalation of air hissing lightly into one corner of the soundscape; sometimes no more than a speck of static scuttling around an empty room, or a shrill line of feedback shooting upwards in a solitary jet. The listener is beckoned into the quiet - encouraged to creep into the absence and perceive the sound close up, intimately observing the audio teeter and waver off balance, flickering out of existence and back in again. The tension is agonising and delightful. The duo push against each other and against themselves, straining to make a sound, and straining to make as little sound as possible. But this is only one aspect of Waterkil.

The record can be openly loud and abrasive too: wails of trumpet, brisk zips of tape player, reverb howls and boisterous overheard conversations jostle for space in a soundscape that relished its own emptiness mere seconds before, marking the points at which Dörner and Hindi relax into more fluid and open periods of collaboration. The duo explore their full velocity spectrum on the second side, in which molecules of interference ricocheting off of silence gather themselves into stormy balls of harsh noise and distortion, tumbling towards peaks of volume and intensity. This is then of course juxtaposed swiftly by a return to excruciating quiet - soft scrapes of metal, the gasps of trumpet breath - proving that both players are capable of tightening the reins as quickly as they slacken."-Jack Chuter, ATTN:Magazine

Clear vinyl in 3-page gatefold cover.

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Product Information:

Clear vinyl in 3-page gatefold cover.

Label: Corvo
Catalog ID: core 004
Squidco Product Code: 17075

Format: LP
Condition: New
Released: 2012
Country: Germany
Packaging: Vinyl LP
Track A recorded on October 6th, 2011 at EMS Stockholm. Track B recorded on June 11th, 2011 at -able Gallery, Berlin.


Jassem Hindi-diverted machines, amplified broken objects, contact mics, no-fi field recordings, no input mixing board, feedback, tape

Axel Dorner-trumpet, electronics

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Track Listing:

Side A

A. Caol 19:17

Side B

B. Able 19:20