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The duo of pianist Chris Abrahams (The Necks) and clarinetist Kai Fagaschinksi (The Magic I.D.) in an improvised album of open works that take unusual twists and turns in sonic subtleties.

Dogmatics, The (Abrahams / Fagachinski)
The Sacrifice For The Music Became Our Lifestyle [VINYL]

Dogmatics, The (Abrahams / Fagachinski): The Sacrifice For The Music Became Our Lifestyle [VINYL] (Monotype)
Label: Monotype    
Released in: Poland    

"How do you run a duo when both of its protagonists are living at two opposite ends of the planet? Well, it's not that dramatic. For many years Chris has used his European tours as a springboard for extended stays in Kai's hometown of choice, Berlin. After appreciating each other's work for quite a while they began collaborating at a friend's piano-armed kitchen in 2007.

While Chris is best known for his distinctive repetitive piano playing as a member of The Necks, Kai has focused in recent years, more on "compositional" projects like The International Nothing and The Magic I.D.. Within their duo Chris and Kai are taking a bit of an off-road ride. Their approach here is rather open and improvised - without much of a hidden conceptual motive.

When Chris sits in front of the Russian upright piano he interacts with it on its own terms - respectful of the evolution of its mechanics. And yet sometimes, bypassing the keys altogether, he pushes the hammers at the strings with his bare hands - a slap in the face to Bartolomeo Cristofori! At times it seems like Chris is trying to find new dimensions in "unvanity", but his sparse repetition can also be evocative of powerful, distant emotions.

Subtle multiphonic modulation and tiny, noisy textures are Kai's way of expressing things from the bottom of his heart, but on this album it seems he wants to pull out the grand melodies, too. You may watch him with some worries walking now on these high heels. Well, he stumbles a bit, but he doesn't fall and there might even be some dignity in fearless stumbling.

Together the two create uneven yet strangely smooth dialogues, where, allowed by the omnipresent transparency, foreground and background meet each other on eye level. The word 'absurdity' comes to mind in describing the symptomatic odd shifts Chris and Kai undertake during the course of their improvisations. Having a close ear on the resulting music one could question whether freedom and pigheadedness are really contradictory qualities. Overall, there is a feeling of a late work... coming too early.

Chris Abrahams

*1961 in Oamaru (New Zealand)Chris lives in Sydney. He is perhaps best known for his work with the trio The Necks with whom he has released sixteen albums and toured extensively. He has also released seven solo albums as well as albums with numerous collaborators including Roil, Mike Cooper and Lucio Capece. He has written music for both radio and film including the score to the Australian feature film The Tender Hook (2009).

Kai Fagaschinski

clarinetist | composer/performer | nightwatch *1974 in Dannenberg (Germany)Fagaschinski focuses on a subtle musicality of sound and noise phenomena. As an autodidact he has developed a personal language on his instrument based on a delicate use of multiphonics. His music is rooted in abstraction including an insidious expressivity and a pre- melodic quality. Kai does both - improvising and composing. He prefers to work in long-term collaborations.

He is currently most involved with the following projects: The International Nothing (clarinet duo with Michael Thieke), The Magic I.D. (song project with Margareth Kammerer, Christof Kurzmann and Thieke), Los Glissandinos (with sine wavist Klaus Filip), Musik (with Burkhard Stangl), The Dogmatics (with Chris Abrahams), and Berlin's 24-piece Splitter Orchester. He has played concerts all over Europe, North America and Asia. The Sacrifice is his 11th album release as a co-leader."-Monotype

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Product Information:

Label: Monotype
Catalog ID: monoLP011
Squidco Product Code: 16816

Format: LP
Condition: New
Released: 2012
Country: Poland
Packaging: Vinyl LP
Recorded by Chris Abrahams on October 23rd and 28th, 2009 at Arthur Rother's kitchen in Berlin.


Chris Abrahams-piano

Kai Fagaschinski-clarinet

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Track Listing:


A1 - The Role of the Sun Lay at the Heart of the Problem

A2 - A Reconstruction of the Sequence of Events Which Has Brought It into Being

A3 - The Land that Wields It Does Not Bear Down as Hard

A4 - Snakes and Eagles


B1 - ...and those Melodies Proved to be Invulnerable Again

B2 - Schnecken und Igle

B3 - Eternity is a Long Time