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A trio of NY free improvisers using unusual and advanced techniques - David Grollman (percussion); Weston Minissali (synth); Nathaniel Morgan (alto sax) - performing a 6-part series of "Yolts".

Morgan / Minissali / Grollman

Morgan / Minissali / Grollman: Yolt (Prom Night Records)
Label: Prom Night Records    
Released in: USA    

A trio of NY free improvisers using unusual and advanced techniques - David Grollman (percussion); Weston Minissali (synth); Nathaniel Morgan (alto sax) - perform a 6-part series of "Yolts".

"YOLT, the hyperactive trio of David Grollman, Nathaniel Morgan, and Weston Minissali is consistently driven by histrionic character and incongruous comedy. After already having witnessed David strip down to a sporty thong, waving and yelling, "Are my shorts too short?!" I owned the smirking breed of assurance that grows in knowing that absurdity is forthcoming. But I was not prepared for what they did to A Night of Clutter. At A Night of Clutter, the audience revolves and gets lost. When YOLT played, the 5 people that happened to be in this room over the 20 others felt as arbitrary as stumbling upon an extraordinary sushi restaurant in North Dakota. YOLT killed the lights. All we witnessed were surges of red and blue guiding Weston's synth. A packed audience invigorates, but playing for 5 when no one nearby realizes the euphoria of what's transpiring creates conviction, notation that is special. You are reminded that the most remarkable experiences in life are hidden. You stumble upon them in shock. On Saturday, YOLT was not bombastic but instead rushed with seriousness, evoking the most somber sentiments I have ever felt in live music. As should always be the case with good art, they supplemented this performance by waving an open umbrella through the pitch black, caressing the pores of the five sets of eyes peeled open in static ritual. Energy ceased to circulate, became a single hum, eerie and opulent like an entire house covered in moss."-Valerie Kuehne, Deli Magazine

Founded in 2011 with the goal of creating a platform for the dissemination of experimental and improvised music, Prom Night Records is an artist-run record label based in New York City and Philadelphia.

"David Grollman is a percussionist from NYC who performs freely improvised music. He performs in art galleries, tiki bars, and venues of curious ambience made more curious by his mongrel sounds. David bows, scrapes, blows, slaps, rubs, caresses, abuses, and generally tests the limits of his instrument. Anything is game. Anything may be a participant if the musical conversation calls for it. Artist, instrument, audience, and environment become ambiguous terms, conspiring in a theatrical exploration of chance dynamics and serendipitous exchanges."

-David Grollman 2/22/2017

CD-R and paper insert inside hand-stenciled chipboard sleeve. Each CD-R sleeve has unique original artwork.

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Product Information:

CD-R and paper insert inside hand-stenciled chipboard sleeve. Each CD-R sleeve has unique original artwork.

Label: Prom Night Records
Catalog ID: promYO
Squidco Product Code: 16676

Format: CDR
Condition: New
Released: 2011
Country: USA
Packaging: Cardstock Sleeve with insert
Recorded by Nathaniel Morgan at Buckminster Palace, Brooklyn, NY.


Nathaniel Morgan-alto saxophone

Weston Minissali-synthesizer

David Grollman-prepared snare drum

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Track Listing:

1. Yolt 1 (Erika Eso) 5:03

2. Yolt 2 (Horn Yolt) 6:57

3. Yolt 3 (Hoot) 2:33

4. Yolt 4 (Thin Music) 9:45

5. Yolt 5 (Tsar Hive) 7:47

6. Yolt 6 (Wound of Vex) 13:32