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A collection of performances by Diego Chamy (dance), improvising in duo with Tamara Ben-Artzi (dance), Axel Dorner (trumpet), Nikolaus Gerszewski (piano and guitar), Robin Hayward (tuba) & Christof Kurzmann (electronics).

Various Artists
The Intelligent Dancer [DVD]

Various Artists: The Intelligent Dancer [DVD] (Absinth Records)
Label: Absinth Records    
Released in: Germany    

"The videos on this DVD are not intended as a series to be watched in one sitting. Each is independent of the other. They are also not meant to function as performance documentations. I produced them with the idea of creating new events (videos) that function autonomously from the events (performances) during which they were filmed. I made these types of performances between the years 2006 and 2008, a period in which I devoted myself to dance. It is of importance to note that I had no education or experience whatsoever in dancing. Until 2006, my main activity was in music*. As I started to dance, I progressively stopped playing music. Reasons for the latter: I felt that the music I was playing was irrelevant for most of the people I was interested in; also, I didn't want my main activity to be limited to sound - I found that very arbitrary.

These performances were received in many different ways by the audience. People would come to me after the shows with the most extravagant comments. If I could find a relatively common feeling among the viewers, the following review by Richard Pinnell has to be the best example."-Diego Chamy

PAL format DVD; All Regions; English and Spanish languages with subtitles in each.

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Product Information:

PAL format DVD; All Regions; English and Spanish languages with subtitles in each.

Label: Absinth Records
Catalog ID: 020
Squidco Product Code: 16339

Format: DVD
Condition: Sale (New)
Released: 2012
Country: Germany
Packaging: DVD snap case
Recorded in various locations and on various dates between 2007-2008.


Axel Dorner-trumpet

Nikolaus Gerszewski-piano, guitar

Robin Hayward-tuba

Christof Kurzmann-electronics

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Track Listing:

Tamara Ben-Artzi (dance) & Diego Chamy (dance)

NPAI Festival, Le Retail, France, 2007 Diego Chamy solo (dance)

Play, Tel Aviv, 2007 Axel Dörner (trumpet) & Diego Chamy (dance)

Labor Sonor, KuLe, Berlin, 2008 Axel Dörner (trumpet) & Diego Chamy (dance)

Die Remise, Berlin, 2008 Nikolaus Gerszewski (piano), Diego Chamy (dance) & Vered Nethe (stage)

Stralau 68, Berlin, 2007 Nikolaus Gerszewski (acoustic guitar) & Diego Chamy (dance)

Miscelänea, Barcelona, 2008 Robin Hayward (tuba) & Diego Chamy (dance)

Dock11, Berlin, 2008 Christof Kurzmann (laptop, clarinet) & Diego Chamy (dance)

Una.Casa, Buenos Aires, 2008

Bonus Features: Diego Chamy & Vered Nethe's complete video works 2007

To Ludger Orlok

The Cake

Vered What Are You Doing


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