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Lars Hollmer's final release, culled from hours of archival material and personally selected before his death, this is an album rich with melodic, unusual and exultant music; disc 2 is a DVD of a 2005 performance at the Gouveia Art Rock Festival.

Hollmer, Lars
Med Mjolad Hand / With Floury Hand [CD + NTSC (All Region) DVD]

Hollmer, Lars : Med Mjolad Hand / With Floury Hand [CD + NTSC (All Region) DVD] (Cuneiform)
Label: Cuneiform    
Released in: USA    

"Lars Hollmer was a Swedish composer, accordionist and keyboardist. He was a founding member of the influential "Rock in Opposition (R.I.O.)" movement. His band Samla Mammas Manna, were a huge and hugely popular force on the Swedish progressive rock / avant rock scene for about 15 years in the 70s and into the 80s. After Samla/Zamla/Von Zamla ended in the mid 80s, he founded and performed in a number of other bands. With one or another of his bands he toured throughout Europe, the Americas and beyond.

Starting in the 1980s and concurrent with his band work, he had a solo career where he emphasized his compositions and his accordion playing and he wrote and introduced many beautiful and exciting pieces into the modern accordion repertoire, including a piece that is a modern-day standard in Sweden, "Boeves Psalm".

"Towards the end of working on Viandra, (Lars) talked about wanting to make a new album that would be full of weird ideas and weird songs. He intended the new album to be a contrast to the melancholy and, at times, dark Viandra that he worked so hard with for several years. He said that he dug deep into his archive and found several hours of unreleased stuff, sketches, demos, and even finished songs, ranging from the early 1980s to 2008. He asked me to listen through the material and suggest a sample. That however did not happen as, in May 2008, my father was diagnosed with severe lung cancer and all plans were put on hold.... This is not With Floury Hand as my father might have imagined it and it is not a finished album. It is my selection from the more than four hours of music my father himself collected for his album. It is a mix of more or less unfinished songs and sketches that I love. It is full of wild and crazy ideas and antics, pieces of utter frivolity, but equally places full of delicate beauty. This is music straight from the heart. Just like how my father was."-Gabriel Strand Hollmer

With Floury Hand is the final release by Lars Hollmer. In addition to the CD that contains the best recordings of what he was working on before he died and which is a treat in itself, also included is a professionally filmed DVD from 2005 of a performance at the Gouveia Art Rock Festival in Portugal. The beautiful 45' performance here has six solo pieces, four duet pieces with his long-time friend and musical associate, bassoonist Michel Berckmans (of Univers Zero and Von Zamla), and one track with Miriodor, with all of them performing "Talrika", the piece Lars specifically wrote for them, plus DVD extras.

This DVD is the only professional video footage ever released of Lars and it's a revelation (or a wonderful reminder) to see and hear what a gigantic sound he got out of his huge and beautiful Zero Sette accordion. The joy and humor and melody of his work and the enthusiastic response from the audience is wonderfully captured here."-Cuneiform Records

DVD: NTSC; All Regions; PCM Stereo; 16:9 aspect ratio.

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Product Information:

DVD: NTSC; All Regions; PCM Stereo; 16:9 aspect ratio.

UPC: 045775034027

Label: Cuneiform
Catalog ID: Rune 340/341
Squidco Product Code: 16265

Format: CD & DVD
Condition: New
Released: 2012
Country: USA
Packaging: Jewel Tray
CD recorded at Heuwiesse, Weite, Switzerland in February 2005. DVD filmed and recorded at Teatro-Cline de Gouveia, Gouveia, Portugal on April 9th, 2005.


Lars Hollmer-accordion, melodica, keyboards, ukulele, mandolin, percussion, vocals

Michel Berckmans-bassoon

Pascal Globensky-keyboards

Bernard Falaise-guitars

Remi LeClerc-drums, percussion

Marie-Chantal LeClair-saxophone

Nicholas Masino-bass, keyboards

Chantale Bergeron-violin


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Track Listing:


1. Beat mm 3:16

2. Siska 2:02

3. Crazy Stuff 1:05

4. Tyskromans 3:15

5. Nyfin 2:23

6. Mellan stol och bord 2:30

7. Skröna 1:24

8. Tages 2:01

9. Kanske 1:08

10. Den arga kviannan 1:08

11. Tivolimarsch 3:32

12. Förutbestämningen (predestinator) 2:50

13. Vendelvarianter 2:34

14. Okjak 2:41

15. Ukuleles 2:33

16. Bam ba ra 0:33

17. Antilobo 1:31

18. Innanpop 2:49

19. Progöovergång 0:12

20. Talrika (Original Version) 4:36

21. Radioyl 2:07

22. Aningar 2:45

23. Go to Africa 3:58

24. Vandelmässa 1:11

25. Franklåt (Original Version) 3:01

26. In the R.I.O (Concept Version) 1:37