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A 2004 collection of commissioned compositions exploring the relations between acoustic instruments and digital process including Dafeldecker/Siewert, Janek Shaefer, Steinbruchel, Gunter Miller, &c.

Various Artists

Various Artists: INstruments (List)
Label: List    
Released in: France    

A collection of commissioned compositions exploring the relations between acoustic instruments and digital process.

Track listing

1. composed by werner dafeldecker & martin siewertdouble & electric bass performed by dafeldecker electronics & synthetizers

2. composed by janek schaefermethod : record player for the blind, mixer, pedals and on screen collage

3. composed by ralph steinbrüchelcomputer performed by steinbrüchel guitar as a source composed andperformed by hervé boghossian

4. composed by andrea gabrielepiano, double & electric bass, percussions by gabrieletrumpet by jara queeto

5. composed by sébastien rouxelectric guitar and computer performed by roux

6. composed by matthieu saladin & ivan solanobass clarinet duo performed, edited, mixed and mastered by saladin & solano

7. composed by hervé boghossianelectric guitar and computer performed by boghossian

8. composed by günter müllercymballs with bow, hands, a headphone & computer performed by müller

9. composed by mitchell akiyamapiano, acoustic guitar, viola, melodica & computer performed by akiyama

10. composed by julien tardieu & benoît courribetcymbal performed by tardieu & computer as signal processing by courribet

11. composed by cécile schottcello performed, mixed and produced by schott

"The small French label List maybe be small but their releases so far fill me with you. Their second compilation explores 'the relations between acoustic instruments and digital process'. It features a wide range of musicians and composers, with different backgrounds. Janek Schaefer for instance uses a 'record player for the blind, mixer, pedals and on screen collage', so that hardly sounds like an instrument. At the other end we find Matthieu Saladin and Ivan Soland who do a blass clarinet duo. However most others play instruments (or have them played) and process them digitally. Steinbruchel for instance process guitar playing by Herve Boghossian (label head honcho). In many of the eleven pieces here there is some careful playing and processing going on. Each piece takes a fair amount of time and the acoustic element is never lost whilst the digital element is always present somewhere. Take Andrea Gabriele's piano, double and electric bass and percussion piece: sounding glitchy and ambient, the real instrumental touch is not lost. Lastly the combination of somewhat more known and unknown players make this into a fine introduction aswell something to recognize and be surprised of. Mitchell Akiyama (nice violin piece!), Gunter Muller, Werner Dafeldecker, martin Siewert and Sebastian Roux may sell the CD but Julien Tardieu, Colleen or Herve Boghossian are certainly names to watch out. A very nice compilation."-FdW, Vital List

Cover design by Taylor Deupree.

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Product Information:

Cover design by Taylor Deupree.

Label: List
Catalog ID: L5
Squidco Product Code: 16069

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2004
Country: France
Packaging: Cardstock foldover

Werner Dafeldecker-double bass, bass

Martin Siewert-electronics, synthesizer

Janek Schaefer

Ralph Steinbruchel

Herve Boghossian-guitar, computer, electric guitar

Andrea Gabriele-piano, double bass, bass, percussion

Jara Queeto-trumpet

Sebastien Roux-electric guitar, computer

Matthieu Saladin-bass clarinet

Ivan Solano-bass clarinet

Gunter Muller-cymbal, computer

Mitchell Akiyama-piano, acoustic guitar, viola, melodica, computer

Julien Tardieu-cymbal

Benoit Courribet-computer


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Track Listing:

1. Werner Daffeldecker & Martin Siewert / Stendec 6:29

2. Janek Schaefer / Sans La Vue 7:00

3. Steinbrüchel / Tint/E 6:06

4. Mou, Lips! / Che Ti Amerà Per Sempre 4:05

5. Sébastien Roux / Farnsworth House 5:59

6. Matthieu Saladin & Ivan Solano / Syn 7:31

7. Hervé Boghossian / Points D'Orgue 4:25

8. Günter Müller / Momentary Cymbalized 10:06

9. Mitchell Akiyama / Capsized Sigh And A Highjacked Smile 6:18

10. Julien Tardieu & Cylens / Retilh 6:01

11. Colleen / Slow Flower 5:59