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Hubsch, Lehn, Zoubek & Hautzinger's approach to improvised music is driven by a mixture of mechanically and electronically generated sounds forming a vividly structured architecture of layers and sonic landscapes.

LHZ + H : Thomas Lehn, Carl Ludwig Hubsch, Philip Zoubek, Franz Hautzinger

LHZ + H : Thomas Lehn, Carl Ludwig Hubsch, Philip Zoubek, Franz Hautzinger: Scope (Monotype)
Label: Monotype    
Released in: Poland    

"Hübsch, Lehn, Zoubek & Hautzinger's approach to music is driven by amalgamation of mechanically and electronically generated sounds. Sounds, allocated to electronic music, are generated by mechanic means and vice versa.But more characteristic for the music of this ensemble is the vividly structured architecture of multilayers and sonic landscapes. Chamber composition created in the peak of the moment.

Thomas Lehn

Born in Fröndenberg (Germany) in 1958. Since the early 1980s Thomas Lehn has been working as a author and performer of contemporary music. After studying recording engineering - piano with Prof. Wilfried Kassebaum - at the Music Academy of Detmold in Germany, studies at the Music Academy of Cologne with Peter Degenhardt and Prof. Klaus Oldemeyer (classical piano) and with Frank Wunsch and Francis Coppieters (jazz piano) completed his academical education. In the 80ies he took part on courses of Studio for pianistic interpretation held by Prof. Jürgen Uhde.

As an interpreting pianist he has been playing concerts since 1982 - performing both contemporary new music including numerous first performances and traditional composed music of the classical and romantical period. In 1989 he initiated the chamber ensemble Trio Dario and four years later the Mengano Quartett, performing compositions of the contemporary avant- garde, in particular numerous first performances of comissioned works.Developed parallel to his work as a pianist, since the early 1990s his major and widely known work has been performing and producing live-electronic music. Rooted in the experience of a wide spectrum of musical fields based on his background as an interpreting and improvising pianist in classical-, contemporary and jazz-music and being involved in numerous other projects like music theatre, dance, multi-media, studio pre-/post-production etc., he has been developing an individual 'language' of electronic music.

The electronic equipment he uses consists of analogue synthesizers of the late 1960s, and since 1994 in particular the EMS Synthi A. Besides the substantial characteristics of its analogue sound synthesis, the facilities of this modular instrument - for example to modify electronic sounds very directly as well as to combine and to control several parameters of the sound synthesis at the same time - allows him to spontaneously act and react in close contact with the various structural degrees of the musical process.

In 2000 his solo album Feldstärken has been released on German label Random Acoustics.

His ensemble activities include duets with: Gerry Hemingway and Marcus Schmickler, whos CDs Tom & Gerry and Bart has been released on Erstwhile Records; Günter Christmann, who published the CD temps durée on his own label edition explico; Eugene Chadbourne and Paul Lovens, with whom he published c inside and Achtung on grob. Other duett partners are Italian violinist Tiziana Bertoncini, Swiss saxophonist Urs Leimgruber and French pianist Frédéric Blondy.

Major trio collaborations are KONK PACK with Tim Hodgkinson and Roger Turner (CDs Big Deep, Warp Out and off leash published on GROB), TOOT with Phil Minton and Axel Dörner (CD one on SOFA), THERMAL with John Butcher and Andy Moor (CD Thermal on unsounds), FUTCH with Jon Rose and Johannes Bauer (CD Futch on Jazzwerkstatt).Larger ensembles are the vario 34 sextet with Günter Christmann, Alexander Frangenheim, Mats Gustafsson, Paul Lovens and Christian Munthe (vario-34 and water writes only in plural released by edition explico and concepts of doing), and last, but not least MIMEO, the Music in Movement Electronic Orchestra (which released queue, electric chair & table and, in collaboration with John Tilbury, The Hands of Caravaggio).More recent projects are the ensemble]h[iatus, an ensemble for interpretation and improvisation of contemporary music (in collaboration with Le Quan Ninh, Martine Altenburger a.m.o.), Close Up a trio with French saxophonist Bertrand Gauguet and Austrian quartertone trumpet player Franz Hautzinger, as well as a trio with Günter Christmann and Roger Turner, and ITI, a quartet with reed player Ken Vandermark, trombonist Johannes Bauer and drummer Paal Nilsson-Love.

Thomas Lehn has been touring in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Hungaria, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.He has been involved in projects promoted and/or supported by Goethe-Institute in Belgrade, Bratislava, Budapest, Copenhagen, Glasgow, Lille, London, Manchester, Marseille, Montreal, Rome, Tokyo, Toronto, Warsaw, Wellington and York.

Carl Ludwig Hübsch

Born in Freiburg, Carl Ludwig Hübsch grew up playing clarinet in the local brass band and drums in punk- and rock bands. Around 83 he exchanged the clarinet for a tuba. Mostly self teached, he explored all kinds of music including a wonderful mediocre dance music trio. Musical roots to be mentioned are Frank Zappa, King Sunny Ade, The Dead Kennedys ...

The discovery of Jazz and Improvisation led to studies in Improvisation with M.A.Fataah. Hübsch received certification at the Pedagogic College in Freiburg in singing, theory, drums. He studied electronic music with Klaus Weinhold. In Cologne he studied as guest in the composition class with Johannes Fritsch. Since 1990 Carl Ludwig Hübsch has lived in Cologne where he finally awarded a livelong stipendium at his own university.Hübsch's work focusses on Improvised Music and Conteporary Music. He composes and performs in concert halls, studios and theatres lending his talents to ensembles and orchestras. He`s well known for his unique solo concerts. He leads Workshops for tuba or improvisation. Another most important focus on Hübsch's work is Composition.

Besides his own project like Hübsch's Longrun Development of the Universe, Drift and Hübsch's Primordial Soup he founded the ENSEMBLE X and co-leads the Multiple Joy[ce] Orchestra together with Matthias Schubert and Frank Gratkowski. Hübsch is part of many collective projects and ensembles and works as side man in various projects. Carl Ludwig Hübsch performed with musicians like Michiel Braam, Thomasz Stanko, Paul Lytton, Lester Bowie, Jasper vant Hof, Paul Lovens, Ernst Reijseger, Angelika Sheridan, Peter Keller, Thomas Lehn, Martin Theurer, Gunda Gottschalk, Axel Dörner, Ute Völker, Gino Robair, Philip Zoubek, Le Quan Ninh, Michel Doneda, Scott Fields, Michael Vorfeld, Uwe Oberg, Ulrich Phillipp, Franz Hautzinger, Sebastian Gramss, Nils Wogram, Frank Köllges, Udo Moll a.m.o. throughout the planet.

Philip Zoubek

Piano, prepared piano, keyboards (1978) was born in Tulln an der Donau. He studied jazz piano at the Viennese Conservatorium, taking lessons from Reinhard Micko. After the conservatorium he studied under Hans Lüdemann at the Musikhochschule in Cologne. He now plays in various jazz and improv ensembles in Cologne, Vienna, Zurich and Berlin, including Ensemble Creativ, Org, Cauldron, Camera Obscura, Ubik, James Choice Orchestra and Muche/Zoubek/Tang. With the group Snaut he experiments with the versmelting of speech and voice.The project Q-Spektrum, a multimedia composition with Ensemble Cauldron, was presented on DVD, thanks to support from governmental and educational organisations. This project, which received the Kompositionspreis 2002, experiments with symbiotic inter-related auditive and visual compositional processes, concepts and presentations which motivate, strengthen and link back to each other. At present Philip Zoubek is mainly occupied with his own ensemble Philz.

Franz Hauzinger

Detours often lead to more thrilling goals because they open up new perspectives. Franz Hautzinger has taken long and bendy detours and turned to many dead ends, he has spent years without instrumental activity and has made a hopeful new start. All this, those victories and defeats, this "History from the Total Crash to 'Emergency Individualism'", as he himself described it, made Franz Hautzinger the highly profiled musical personality that he is today.

Born on March 11, 1963 in Seewinkel, Burgenland, a Hannibal Marvin Peterson concert at Jazzgalerie Nickelsdorf was the young trumpeter's "awakening experience". He studied at the Jazz department of today's Art University in Graz from 1981 to1983 until lip palsy forced him to take a six year total break from trumpeting. After moving to Vienna in 1986 he started in 1989 to explore the trumpet in his very own and un-academic way. He became attached to the circles around Christoph Cech and Christian Mühlbacher, played in the Big Band "Nouvelle Cuisine" and the octet "Striped Roses"; the CD "Zong of se Boboolink", which he recorded with saxophonist Helge Hinteregger and which was influenced by sampler collages was the first personal CD statement. His 10 month stay in London provided new ideas and contacts, amongst others Kenny Wheeler, Henry Lowther, John Russel, and Steve Noble. Hautzinger assimilated the stimuli in very different ways: in"Regenorchester" ("Rain Orchestra") with its changing instrumentation, in the quartet with Helge Hinteregger, Oren Marshall and Steve Noble as well as in the trio "Speakers' Corner" with guitarist Martin Siewert and drummer Wolfgang Reisinger.

The conscious decision to avoid electronic sound sources but to still comprehend the development of digital music on the trumpet - the quarter tone trumpet purchased in 1997 - were decisive stages for the creation of Franz Hautzinger's sensational solo trumpet CD "Gomberg" (2000) on which he presented this new until then unheard cosmos of sound that he had developed on his instrument.Hautzinger positioned himself with "Gomberg" at the front line of the international improvisation avant-garde; collaborations and CD records with Derek Bailey, the "AMM" veterans Keith Rowe and John Tilbury as well as Axel Dörner, Christian Fennesz or Otomo Yoshihide, and Sachiko M followed. The step into the world of decelerated sound microscopy and from 2003 on the re-discovery of musical sensualism, the confrontation of his trumpet sounds with groove and tunes ("Regenorchester XI" and XII) can be considered as important stages in his development. Franz Hautzinger teaches at the Vienna Music University since 1989, is a member of the Berliner Ensemble "Zeitkratzer" since 1999 and received comissions from Klangforum Vienna amongst others. He is a globetrotter whose unmistakeable musical signature is known from Vienna to Berlin, London to Beirut, or in Tokyo, New York, and Chicago. Franz Hautzinger has shown that even in times where postmodernism is history an instrument can still be reinvented."-Monotype Records

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UPC: 5908310927411

Label: Monotype
Catalog ID: mono044
Squidco Product Code: 15766

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2011
Country: Poland
Packaging: Cardstock gatefold foldover
Recorded on May 17th, 2008 at Bunker Ulmenwall in Bielefeld, Germany by Thomas Lehn.


Thomas Lehn-analogue synthesizer

Carl Ludwig Hubsch-tuba

Philip Zoubek-piano

Franz Hautzinger-quartertone trumpet, delay

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Track Listing:

1. Zoom 12:11

2. Scope 16:46

3. Lense 9:40

4. Hal 6:54