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The saxophone quartet Prism + Greg Osby celebrate their 20th anniversary by asking composers to write or arrange works for this release, with artists including Chen Yi, Nick Didkovsky, Tim Berne, &c. &c.

Prism Quartet
Dedication with guest artist Greg Osby

Prism Quartet: Dedication with guest artist Greg Osby (Innova)
Label: Innova    
Released in: USA    

"<i>Dedication</i> features music composed in celebration of the Prism Quartet's 20th anniversary by a slew of today's top composers with a knack for the sax. Prism has expanded the world of the sax quartet through their commissions and performances since 1984. Their dedication has paid off with this virtuosic showcase of instrumental acrobatics.

Prism musicians have wielded their instruments in a variety of styles and contexts, and they've done it with a gleeful disregard for the various "-isms" of the day. The saxophone is a versatile family of instruments, capable of great subtlety and emotion, but also perfectly good at producing a wailing wall of noise. And while PRISM has done yeoman work in reminding people that old Adolphe Sax intended his inventions to be classical instruments first, the quartet also has the good taste and the tasty chops needed to reflect the sax's great tradition in jazz and popular music.

This collection brings together almost two-dozen works written or arranged to mark PRISM's anniversary, back in 2004. The composers come from near (Philly-based Matthew Levy, founding member of Prism) and far (Donnacha Dennehy, a central figure on the Irish new music scene). They range from some of our most highly visible, award-winning figures (William Bolcom, Chen Yi, Jennifer Higdon, Libby Larsen) to emerging voices (Roshanne Etezady and Dennis DeSantis were both beginning their careers in 2004). And of course, there are friends of the ensemble like sax player Greg Osby, who adds his alto to the mix, and one-time Prism member Tim Ries, who left the quartet some years ago to go on tour with a rock band. (Only time will tell if that band, apparently called "The Rolling Stones," will have the staying power of the PRISM Quartet.)

From the frantic, florid playing required by Gregory Wanamaker's "speed metal organum blues" to the melancholy of Renée Favand-See's "isolation," this set of birthday dedications offers a kaleidoscopic portrait of one of the essential contemporary music groups of our time."-Innova


Roshanne Etezady: Inkling
Zack Browning: Howler Back
Tim Ries: Lu
Gregory Wanamaker: speed metal organum blues
Renee Favand-See: isolation
Libby Larsen: Wait a Minute
Nick Didkovsky: Talea, Stink Up! (PolyPrism 1 and 2)
Greg Osby: Prism #1
Donnacha Dennehy: Mild, Medium-Lasting, Artificial Happiness
Ken Ueno: July 23
Adam B. Silverman: Just a Minute, Chopin
William Bolcom: Scherzino
Matthew Levy: Three Miniatures
Jennifer Higdon: Bop
Dennis DeSantis: Hive Mind
Robert Capanna: Moment of Refraction
Keith Moore: OneTwenty
Jason Eckhardt: A Fractured Silence
Frank J. Oteri: Fair and Balanced?
Perry Goldstein: Out of Bounds
Tim Berne: Brokelyn
Chen Yi: Happy Birthday to PRISM
James Primosch: Straight Up

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Product Information:

UPC: 726708680022

Label: Innova
Catalog ID: 800
Squidco Product Code: 15269

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2011
Country: USA
Packaging: Jewel Tray
Recorded September 17th, 18th, 21st, and 22nd, 2009 at Solid Sound in Ann Arbor, MI by Eric Wojahn and Jeff Stutzman.


Timothy McAllister-soprano saxophone

Zachary Shemon-alto saxophone

Matthew Levy-tenor saxophone

Taimur Sullivan-baritone saxophone

Greg Osby-alto saxophone

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Track Listing:

1. Inkling 1:11

2. Howler Back 1:10

3. Lu 2:38

4. speed metal organum blues 1:15

5. Isolation 1:09

6. Wait a Minute ... 1:11

7. Talea (hoping to somehow know) 1:06

8. Stink Up! (Polyprism 1) 1:06

9. Stink Up! (Polyprism 2) 1:03

10. Prism #1 (Refraction) 6:53

11. Mild, Medium-Lasting, Artificial Happiness 1:54

12. July 23, From Sunrise to Sunset, the Summer of the S.E.P.S.A. bus rides destra e sinistra around Ischia Just to Get Tomorrow's Scatolame 1:23

13. Just a Minute, Chopin 2:24

14. Scherzino 1:18

15. No. 1. Diary 2:10

16. No. 2. Meditation 1:53

17. No. 3. Song Without Words 2:36

18. Bop 1:12

19. Hive Mind 1:07

20. Moment of Refraction 1:07

21. One Twenty 1:34

22. A Fractured Silence 1:20

23. I. Remaining Neutral 1:02

24. II. Seeming Partial 3:12

25. III. Uncommon Ground 1:02

26. IV. Incremental Change 1:53

27. Out of Bounds 1:26

28. Brokelyn 1:00

29. Happy Birthday to PRISM 1:26

30. Straight Up 1:26

31. Prism #1 (Refraction) (Alternate Take) 6:49