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A nearly 5-hour long recording of Cornelius Cardew's work based on one of the 4 classic books of Confucian religion, and the first work to be referred to as minimalist, performed at Wigry in Sejny, 2010.

Cardew, Cornelius
The Great Learning [4 CDs]

Cardew, Cornelius: The Great Learning [4 CDs] (Bolt)
Label: Bolt    
Released in: Poland    

"We are proud to present the first complete release of a milestone of XX century music and a first piece to be called minimalist (by Michael Nyman). In a nearly 5-hour long recording of the piece one can hear Webern's punctualism, Reich's trance music, Ligeti's "clouds of sound" and echoes of Cage's conceptual provocations. The monumental music-theater mystery, on the one hand, evokes long lost spirit of archaic tribal rituals and, on the other, prophesies emancipated, experimental home-made music of the XXI century.

Cornelius Cardew, one of the most visionary composers of the revolutionary 60., never attempted to create a masterpiece nor a summa of New Music; be it composed, improvised or experimental. "The Great Learning" is most of all a fulfilled utopia; a universal, egalitarian and unconventional art. Not meant for a concert hall, theater stage, avantgarde gallery or art lofts but performed by a group of amateurs gathered together in an archaic-leftist Scratch Orchestra wandering through the fields in search of authentic, emancipatory experience. "The Great Learning" has become exactly this for many of contemporary visionaries such as Michael Nyman or Brian Eno.

Four decades after its completion, the composition remains one of the most often recalled and imitated masterpiece of counterculture avantgarde. And the most ignored by the music market - official, popular and independent. Most probably because of its ideal and unabated inadequacy towards their consequences and standards.

We have managed to recreate its original scenery and context. In an almost untouched outdoor of Polish north-east and historic, sacral spots of Suwalszczyzna, Cardew's insiders met amateurs from ten different countries to bring back to life this unique ritual. Here, in a form of 4 CD album, comes an audio documentation of this unprecedented event."-Bolt

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Product Information:

Label: Bolt
Catalog ID: BR 1008
Squidco Product Code: 15257

Format: 4 CDs
Condition: New
Released: 2010
Country: Poland
Packaging: 4 CDs in separate cardboard sleeves wrapped in a cardboard jacket
Recorded by Dux Recording Producers at Residential Arts Centre in Wigry and White Synagogue in Sejny between July 18th and 24th, 2010.


Agata Kosmacz

Agata Wencel

Agnieszka Okupska

Agnieszka Pindera

Aled Start

Aleksandra Matryba

Alicja Herod

Anna Jagłowska

Anna Molska

Anna Paradowska

Anna Rusiecka

Anna Wojnarowska

Assaf Gidron

Callum Rookes

Chung-Ming Celia Lu

Daniel Muzyczuk

Danilo Borgeth

Dariusz Brzostek

Ewa Schreiber

Ewa Szczecińska

Filip Mech

Filip Podstawski

Ieva Buinevičiūtė

Ilma Vyšniauskaite

Iwona Tołbińska

Jalena Vujnović

James Bull

James Hamilton

Jerry Wigens

Jowanka Jakubek

Julia Burzec

Julia Strzemińska

Karolina Stępkowska

Karolina Szulejewska

Karolina Więch

Katarzyna Jaźnicka

Katarzyna Lalik

Katarzyna Lalik

Katarzyna Łowińska

Krzysztof Dziuba

Krzysztof Marciniak

Lukrecija Pietkutė

Maja Mitrović

Maria Bikont

Marta Jasińska

Marta Kłyszejko

Marta Ponichter

Marta Poznańska

Martyna Błotnicka

Michał Małota

Monika Sadkowska

Natalia Jaroszewicz

Nima Gousheh

Olga Szymula

Paulina Pacia

Philip Lawton

Piotr Kędziorek

Piotr Pawłowski

Pola Trąbińska

Rafał Skonieczny

Renata Miklewska

Roman Pawłowski

Sonia Paço-Rocchia

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Track Listing:

CD 1

1. Paragraph 1 37:53

2. Paragraph 2 37:05

CD 2

1. Paragraph 3 42:20

2. Paragraph 4 27:06

CD 3

Paragraph 5 1:04:10

CD 4

1. Paragraph 6 26:31

2. Paragraph 7 37:11