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Two of NY's farthest reaching players - Peter Evans & Nate Wooley - both on amplified trumpet for an album crossing electroacoustic and improvisatory worlds in raw and exhiliarating abstraction.

Evans, Peter / Nate Wooley
High Society

Evans, Peter / Nate Wooley: High Society (Carrier Records)
Label: Carrier Records    
Released in: USA    

"Peter Evans and Nate Wooley. Trumpet duo improvisations. Ten years ago this could not have existed...maybe even five years ago it would have been difficult, but now, in the age in which the experimental music world seems to be teeming with people "pushing the boundaries" of the trumpet, we are confronted with this inviolable fact. Peter Evans and Nate Wooley. Evans and Wooley have made short but intense careers out of defying expectations, and this record is no exception. After five years of playing together, working with a semblance of historical jazz context, new music conceptualism, and a new brand of technical virtuosity, one would expect a freshman duo recording to be full of technical fireworks, subtletly of dynamics and timbre, and refreshing nods to the great jazz trumpet tradition. What you get is two of America's leading lights on the instrument laying everything on the line in one of the rawest, loudest, and delightfully abstract free improvisation records of its time. Using guitar amplifiers and their trumpets to shape feedback squall, Evans and Wooley have proposed a new kind of timbral dialogue to an already percolating world improvisation scene."-Carrier Records

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Product Information:

Label: Carrier Records
Catalog ID: 010
Squidco Product Code: 14692

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2011
Country: USA
Packaging: Digipack
Recorded by Deremiah Cymerman at IBeam in Brooklyn, NY.


Peter Evans-amplified trumpet

Nate Wooley-amplified trumpet

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Track Listing:

1. LXIX 9:54

2. XIX 9:13

3. I 9:24

4. LXVII 14:57

5. XC 14:02

6. XLV 6:42