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Chicago heavyweight bassist Harrison Bankhead in his long-overdue debut as a leader, a sextet that journeys through beautiful and eclectic jazz styles from the atmospheric to compelling grooves.

Bankhead, Harrison Sextet
Morning Sun Harvest Moon

Bankhead, Harrison Sextet: Morning Sun Harvest Moon (Engine)
Label: Engine    
Released in: USA    

:Harrison Bankhead is a first call bass player for Chicago jazz heavyweights such as Roscoe Mitchell, Richard Muhal Abrams, and Fred Anderson (rest in peace), and Engine Studios is proud to put out his long overdue debut recording as a bandleader. Considered by more than a few to be one of the top five bass players on the planet, Morning Sun Harvest Moon reflects Harrison’s love of transcending genre and playing whatever unfolds when he gets with musicians.

Morning Sun Harvest Moon opens with the title track where wooden flutes commune before the onset of a mournful violin melody with slow clarinet long tones and bowed bass weaving it all together. Taking a Cheech and Chong groove and adding violin and percussion solos, Bankhead’s sextet moves into funkier territory with ‘Chicago Senorita’. There is a raucous intro and Caribbean bass lines in ‘East Village’ and a classic free jazz wind up on ‘Over Inside and Out’. The last six tracks on the record were recorded as two 20+ minute spontaneous pieces where a musical idea came up, was explored, and then briefly paused before another idea busted out. Instruments rotate, the dynamics of the improvisation breathes and it is shot through with drums, Latin percussion and melody.

The theme is that there is no one theme but it all works together due to tight ensemble playing led by Harrison Bankhead who steps out of from being the sideman for some heavy cats towards establishing himself as a Chicago sound to be heard."-Engine

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Product Information:

Label: Engine
Catalog ID: e039
Squidco Product Code: 14566

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2011
Country: USA
Packaging: Cardstock Gatefold Sleeve
Recorded on April 11th, 2010 at Fullerton recording studios, Chicago, IL.


Harrison Bankhead-bass

Ed Wilkerson:-tenor saxophone, clarinet, alto clarinet, Didgeridoo

Mars Williams-alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, sopranino saxophone, clarinet, autoharp, wooden flute

James Sanders-violin

Avreeayl Ra-drums, percussion, wooden flute

Ernie Adams-percussion

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Track Listing:

1. Morning Sun/Harvest Moon 6:06

2. Chicago Señorita 6:17

3. East Village 5:17

4. Over Under Inside Out 6:13

5. Red Is The Color In Jean-Michel Basquat's Silk Blue 12:28

6. 22nd Street Hustle (In Memory Of Fred Anderson) 9:42

7. Flying Through Your Dreams 10:21

8. A Sketch Of Leroy Jenkins 2:21