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Chicago's Cheer-Accident's 17th release of genre blending rock that borrows as much from progressive and it does from punk in songs that juxtapose pure pop, thundering rock, and avant-garde complexity.

No Ifs, Ands or Dogs

Cheer-Accident: No Ifs, Ands or Dogs (Cuneiform)
Label: Cuneiform    
Released in: USA    

"Emerging from the incredibly diverse crucible of music that is Chicago, Cheer-Accident embodies and re-affirms the "promises made" by previous generations of progressive rock, post-punk, and post rock bands-the creation of a thoroughly new rock-based music. There are bands with pretty melodies, bands that rock, bands that dazzle with exalted technique, bands that make you laugh, and bands aiming to perplex even the most intrepid listener. Cheer-Accident is all those things and more, truly a band for the 21st century. Cheer-Accident wrap creativeness inside an inviting enigma of honeyed vocals, harmonious pop melody, and thorny dissonance. They have the rare ability to synthesize and juxtapose pure pop, thundering rock, and avant-garde complexity and ambiguity, intuition and intellect, sweetness and sarcasm, to create a stunning signature sound.

No Ifs, Ands, or Dogs, Cheer-Accident's 17th album is a kaleidoscopic, inclusive trip into a musical madhouse that you'll want to stay lost within. The core membership of the ever-shifting organism that is Cheer-Accident is Thymme Jones (vocals, keyboards, brass, synth, drums); Carmen Armillas (vocals), Alex Perkolup (vocals, bass, guitar), D. Bayne (keyboards, trombone) and Jeff Libersher (vocals, guitar, keys, trumpet, bass), with able and many assists from Andrea Faught (vocals, keyboards), and Lise Gilly (saxophones), among others. Everyone makes significant and important and wonderful contributions, but since the vocalist is always the focal point in bands, I want to mention that Carmen is a real find, with a powerfully emotive voice; she really lends a huge presence to this album, working beautifully with Thymme and Jeff and the rest.

The songs on No Ifs... run the gamut of everything that makes Cheer-Accident an exceptional band: prickly, lurching psychedelia with honeyed singing, quizzical Steve Reich-meets-King Crimson rockers, and sweetly peculiar soft-pop a la Beach Boys and Free Design. This diversity does not denote dilettantism, however; Cheer Accident empowers and devotes itself to whatever style, mode, or genre it absorbs. Even after a few listens, regardless of stylistic diversity displayed during No Ifs, Ands or Dogs is the commitment to primo performance of the album/music/concept as a whole - songs often lead into one another, going from a self-contained song to a introduction (or a coda) depending on where you are or where your focus is in the listening.

After the critical acclaim and expanded audience that greeted Cheer-Accident after the release of Fear Draws Misfortune, the group responded as they always do; by a reinvention of their sound. A wonderful album that is - as usual - also something completely different!"-Cuneiform Records

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Product Information:

UPC: 045775032627

Label: Cuneiform
Catalog ID: Rune 326
Squidco Product Code: 14528

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2011
Country: USA
Packaging: Jewel Tray
Recorded in Chicago, mostly in 2010.


Jeff Libersher-guitar, trumpet, bass, vocals, keyboards

Alex Perkolup-bass, guitar, vocals

Carmen Armillas-vocals

Thymme Jones-drums, vocals, moog, trumpet, keyboards, piano, organ

D. Bayne-organ, trombone, piano, keyboards

Andrea Faught-keyboards, vocals

Lise Gilly-alto saxophone, tenor saxophone

Todd Rittman-guitar

Erik Lavergne-slide guitar

Tony Young-bass

Noah Tabakin-baritone saxophone

Teria Gartelos Stamatis-vocals

Laura Boton-vocals

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Track Listing:

1. Drag You Down 4:33

2. Trial Of Error 4:34

3. This Is The New That 4:59

4. Pre-Somnia 1:27

5. Sleep 3:48

6. Barely Breathing 3:18

7. Life In Pollyana 3:20

8. Death By Pollyanna 3:22

9. Drug You Down 0:44

10. Salad Dies 4:09

11. Post-Somnia 1:11

12. Cynical Girl 2:13

13. Go Gaunt Green 0:30

14. Empty Province 4:42

15. Provincial Din 5:13