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44 tracks. 44 projects. 2 discs. 16 page booklet. 2 hours, 35 minutes, 6 seconds. Artists include: Christof Kurzmann; Toshimaru Nakamura; siewert / dieb13; &c. &c. !

Various Artists 10 Jahre Bessere Farben [2 CDs]

Various Artists: 10 Jahre Bessere Farben [2 CDs] (Mikroton Recordings)
Label: Mikroton Recordings    
Released in: Russia    

44 tracks. 44 projects. 2 discs. 16 page booklet. 2 hours, 35 minutes, 6 seconds. Artists include: Christof Kurzmann; Toshimaru Nakamura; siewert / dieb13; &c. &c. !

Alexandr Vatagin, skylla, Christof Kurzmann, Ernst Reitermaier, Boris Hauf, Swedish Azz, Kazuhisa Uchihashi / Burkhard Stangl, eRikm, Gerald Roßbacher, Toshimaru Nakamura, K&K, Regolith, Tonic Train, ctrl, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, schnee, Jan Machacek / Anat Stainberg / Billy Roisz, Susanna Gartmayer / Thomas Berghammer, The Magic I.D., Pendler, bulbul + Boris Hauf, Nitro Mahalia, siewert / dieb13, Jez Riley, David Schweighart, Stefan Geissler, LSD, nifty's, HOSE, Klinger / Lewis / Nagl / Novotny, noid, Los Glissandinos, Matija Schellander, noiset, b:f:n, frufru, taus, cilantro, Tronstoner, Clemens Hausch, Goh Lee Kwang, ennoson, Angélica Castelló, dieb13, Duo Schamberg

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Product Information:

Label: Mikroton Recordings
Catalog ID: mikroton cd 5/6
Squidco Product Code: 14344

Format: 2 CDs
Condition: New
Released: 2009
Country: Russia
Packaging: Jewel Tray

Silvia Fassler-ppooll, electronics

Billy Roisz-kluppe, turntable

Fernando Perales-guitar, kaoss

Toto Alvarez-guitar

Gustavo H. Serpa-electronic devices, lloopp

Ernst Reitermaier-clarinet, loop pedal

Boris Hauf-soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, bells

Mats Gustafsson-saxophone, live electronics

Per-Ake Holmlander-tuba, cimbasso

Kjell Nordeson-vibraphone

dieb13-turntables, electronics

Eric Carlsson-drums

Kazuhisa Uchihashi-electric guitar, electronics

Burkhard Stangl-electric guitar

Toshimaru Nakamura-no-input mixing board

Gloria Damijan-piano

Meike Melinz-flute

Gabi Teufner-flute

Bernd Klug-double bass

Bernhard Schoeberl-guitar

Christof Kurzmann-ppooll, effects

Burkhard Stangl-spanish guitar

Jan Machacek-voice

Anat Stainberg-voice

Billy Roisz-kluppe

Thomas Berghammer-trumpet

Susanna Gartmayer-bass clarinet

Margareth Kammerer-guitar, voice

Christof Kurxmann-voice

Kai Fagaschinski-clarinet

Michael Thieke-clarinet

xr025-drums, cymbals, percussion, editing

tronstoner-electric bass guitar

Daniel Lercher-electronics

Bernhard Schoberl-prepared guitar

Gloria Damijan-toy piano

Fabian Pollack-guitar

Michael Bruckner-guitar

Dominik Grunbuhel-bass

Mathias Koch-drums

Masafumi Ezaki-trumpet

Toshihiro Koike-trombone

Taku Unami-guitar

Tomoya Izumi-bass

Reiji Hattori-percussion

Thomas Klinger-voice

Joanna Lewis-violine

Max Nagl-clarinet, saxophone

Josef Novotny-zither, electronics

Kai Fagaschinski-clarinet, microphone

Klaus Filip-sinewaves

Matija Schellander-double bass, speech

Cordula Bosze-flute


Wolfgang Fuchs-turntables

Angelica Castello-recorders, voice, electronics

Maja Osojnik-recorders, electronics

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Track Listing:

Disc 1

1. Coop 3:10

2. Pink Dwarf 3:46

3. 180 Seconds Over Latin America 3:03

4. Rustenfeld 4:06

5. Hanging Out In Between 4:03

6. Just Azz 2:13

7. Good Things Come To Those Who Wait 1:56

8. Botelo De Klein 3:27

9. Err 3:31

10. Nimb#46 4:03

11. Assembling The Forgotten Gate To Hell At Ibiza Beach (Postmortem Happy End Remix) 4:45

12. Moon Bombing 3:56

13. Trinity8 3:12

14. Als Wir Die Karotten Schälten, Vergassen Wir Den Haferbrei 2:33

15. 531 3:34

16. Schneeflocke 1:56

17. No Story Song 3:30

18. Sehr Sehr 2:06

19. Our Favourite Things 0:42

20. Oh No 2:25

21. Guten Abend 4:39

22. Loss Noch Less 3:37

23. Watch Your Jellyfish 2:30

24. Bath Oil Salt Glass 3:53

Disc 2

1. I Trash Your Fuck 1:32

2. Sequenz 03 2:58

3. Orion 3:59

4. Hope Bungalow 5:02

5. Repentance 1:07

6. Kahüttenklipper 2:19

7. Artina.Hr_2008 July 7th_11:17pm To 11:22pm 5:13

8. Pop 3:34

9. Dangerfield 4:31

10. Noiset No. 1 3:41

11. Tschifra 5:18

12. Aqualung 4:01

13. Ping Paung 3:58

14. Haphazardous 2:55

15. The Sprawl Atavism 4:00

16. Photobrom 4:42

17. (Part 2, Downsampled) 2:58

18. Time Compression 2,58 2:57

19. San Antonio 3:33

20. Entrirely Unlike 2:20 10:28