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The second in Lambkin and Lescalleet's planned trilogy for erstwhile, rich and varied sonic worlds made from microphones, devices, synths and loops - recommended!

Lambkin, Graham / Lescalleet, Jason
Air Supply

Lambkin, Graham  / Lescalleet, Jason: Air Supply (erstwhile)
Label: erstwhile    
Released in: USA    

"Graham Lambkin and Jason Lescalleet are both highly respected artists, with small but intensely hardcore followings. Their initial release, The Breadwinner, was released to widespread acclaim in early 2008, and 2 1/2 years later, the much-anticipated Air Supply, is finally ready to unleash upon the masses.

Lambkin first entered the public consciousness at 19 when he formed his band The Shadow Ring, in Folkestone, a small town in Kent, England. The band was memorable and built an rabidly passionate fan base because of its sui generis approach, blending elements of folk, noise, cracked electronics, and surrealist poetry, while radically changing the overall formula with each release. A decade of increasingly skewed and inspired work culminated in 2003's I'm Some Songs, constructed long distance as Lambkin had relocated to the US in 1998. Over the last few years, Lambkin has primarily worked under his own name, releasing two superb solo records (Salmon Run and Softly Softly Copy Copy), two hardcover books featuring his writing and drawings (Dumb Answer to Miracles and Dripping Junk), and has become more active with his own Kye label, releasing both his own work as well as documenting superb and lesser known artists like Moniek Darge and Vanessa Rossetto. This is his second release for Erstwhile, following The Breadwinner.

Lescalleet has gradually and painstakingly built a compelling discography over the past decade. He uses reel-to-reel tape decks to explore the textures of low fidelity analog sounds and the natural phenomena of old tape and obsolete technology. He is one of a growing list of master producer/musicians, whose skill lies as much in reworking, assembling and mastering the material available as in creating it (or helping create it) in the first place. Lescalleet has always been a fantastic live performer, but recently seems to have taken it to a new level, wowing and stunning crowds in NYC, Detroit, Chicago and Boston in various combinations over the course of 2010. This is his third release for Erstwhile, after 2001's Forlorn Green (w/Greg Kelley) and The Breadwinner, and the next two are already in preparation, a duo with Bhob Rainey and a solo disc for the ErstSolo series.

The material for Air Supply was mostly recorded in and around Lescalleet's house in Maine in early 2010. The duo wanted to make a leap away from the territory they'd explored on The Breadwinner and the subsequent handful of live concerts, and the results both build on their earlier work and stand in sharp contrast. Air Supply showcases a wide range of material and styles, but the malevolent undercurrents remain present throughout, creating a paradoxically luxuriant yet stifling atmosphere and setting up a soundworld that feels essential for one's ongoing survival. The gorgeous drawings throughout the package are by Lambkin."-erstwhile records

"KiC regulars ought to be well-aware of Graham Lambkin and/or Jason Lescalleet, whether through either's solo work, Jason's nmperign collaborations, or their excellent 2008 joint jaunt The Breadwinner. Air Supply is then the second installment in a planned trilogy for Erstwhile, presenting some familiar themes, yet also a new, unique sound, relative to The Breadwinner.

It's obvious that Lambkin and Lescalleet are keen listeners, masters of warping what they hear, transporting outsiders to a distorted version of their reality. On The Breadwinner, the duo employed samples from Graham's domicile, editing them into an environment that, while clearly treated, still bared strong resemblance to actuality. The creaking and dripping of 'Listen, The Snow is Falling,' for instance, could just as easily be found in my apartment one December morning, synthetic hums notwithstanding.

In contrast to The Breadwinner, on Air Supply, the alterations are more pronounced, inducing a surreal sonic world. Few would mistake the noises from the first half of 'Layman's Lament' for organic, but even still, the production is clearly richer, especially the lower tones. The duo appears to almost go out of their way to subvert one's aural surroundings. Toward the end of the aforementioned track, avian sounds are introduced, followed by a wooden cadence, but as soon as any rhythmic comfort is found, a blast of feedback launches the listener into the next track. On 'Color Drop' and '69° F' the sound of a computer selecting a sample is easily discernible, once again reinforcing a detachment from ordinary field recordings. The titular track too proudly displays its manufactured nature, wherein the first few seconds noticeably speeds up, like when a turntable's motor is initiated.

Many observed that The Breadwinner sounded much more like a Lambkin album; an album grounded in field recordings, augmented around its edges by Jason Lescalleet. So then, one might say that Air Supply is more so a Lescalleet long-player, featuring more prominently his manipulations. But despite these difference, the principal theme-an uneasy reinterpretation of the everyday-is ever present and equally as compelling as their formative work. This is easily one of the best albums of the year."-Killed in Cars

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Product Information:

Label: erstwhile
Catalog ID: Erst 059
Squidco Product Code: 13715

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2010
Country: USA
Packaging: Digipack - 3 panel
Recorded on May 28th, 2010 at Glistening Labs Berwick, ME.


Graham Lambkin-microphone and devices

Jason lescalleet-synthesizers and loops.

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Track Listing:

1. Because of the Night 10:01

2. Layman's Lament 7:07

3. Color Drop 3:16

4. 69°F 2:22

5. 68°F 3:33

6. 67°F 4:44

7. Air Pressure 3:11

8. Air Supply 12:00