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Haynes, Stephen: Parrhesia (Engine)

"Parrhesia" (to speak boldly and freely) from trumpeter Haynes in a trio with drummer/percussionist Warren Smith and guitarist Joe Morris, an adventurous mix of voice and jazz.

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product information:

UPC: 753182272306

Label: Engine
Catalog ID: e033
Squidco Product Code: 13572

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2010
Country: USA
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded on January 3rd, 2010 by Steven Walcott and Jon Martinez at Metrosonic Studios, Brooklyn, NY


Steven Haynes-trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn, mutes

Warren Smith-drums, percussion, marimba, voice

Joe Morris-electric guitar

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track listing:

1. Reclamation 7:29

2. Quietude 7:17

3. Invocation 9:58

4. Flowers For Ida 3:06

5. St. Louis Sonority 7:11

6. Yet And Still 7:54

7. Unfolding 8:30
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descriptions, reviews, &c.

"To save you a short trip to Google, parrhesia means to speak everything and, by extension, to speak freely, to speak boldly, or boldness. Without getting bogged down in intellectual scaffolding, what Stephen Haynes, Joe Morris, and Warren Smith give you on Parrhesia is the other s**t. And you may ask yourself just what is the other s**t, and who the hell markets music this way? When you hear Haynes trumpet speaking in tongues while Morris finger-taps African rhythms on his detuned guitar on the tune Invocation, you re not listening to a typical free jazz session. When Smith recites poetry about America being the best place for him to live while he talks about black lives being destroyed by drugs AND pokes fun at Twitter, you re not in the jazz equivalent of Kansas anymore. We don't claim Parrhesia is bold and different in order to sell records or to say that this music is superior to other music. Abundant with melody, space, and rhythm, Haynes debut as a leader is a singular experience that resonates with the continuum of tradition."-Engine

"Stephen Haynes is an improvising composer, master teaching artist, arts organizer and advocate; a product of the historic and fertile Black Music Division at Bennington College, directed by Bill Dixon. His early foundational studies were with the wonderful Frank Baird, who chaired the brass department at the University of Colorado's Boulder campus during the sixties and seventies. He is currently a recording artist for the Engine and hatOlogy (Hat Hut)Labels. He is very concerned with the plight of the local artist in his/her hometown and region, and with the importance of well-developed support for those who enjoy working close to home and being treated properly. Over the years he has worked with a range of musicians, with a primary interest in large ensembles and composition: Bill Dixon, George Russell, LaMonte Young, Butch Morris, Rhys Chatham, Adam Rudolph, Leroy Jenkins, JD Parran, Gunter Hampel, Cecil Taylor, Rob Mazurek's Exploding Star Orchestra and the Dells."-Stephen Haynes website

"Last spring, Steve Walcott called to ask if I would consider recording with his singular young record label, Engine Records. I had met Steve when Taylor Ho Bynum and I recorded our Double Trio in concert at the Festival for New Trumpet Music during the fall of 2006. I had been following the label since I first heard the recordings that Warren Smith made with tenor saxophonist Andrew Lamb on the label. Walcott just recently recorded and released Warren Smith's orchestra (Old News, Borrowed Blues).

Steve and I discussed a number of projects that I had been working on, or wanted to spark, settling on Parrhesia. The trio began in 2005 during my year-long residency at Hartford's Real Art Ways. The last time we worked together was at La Paloma Sabanera in 2007. Music needs a place to grow and develop. Here in Hartford Will Wilkins (RAW) and Luis Cotto (La Paloma) welcomed us, consistently supporting the creative work in a wonderful community-centered manner. There's no place like home!

In early January of this year, after a week's delay due to snow, Joe and I drove down to Metrosonic Studios in Brooklyn. The weather was cold and raw in a way that is amplified by the concrete and asphalt of the city. Ever intrepid, Steve rode his bicycle to work. Warren arrived with his assistant, and we set up camp in a small room equipped with a bevy of vintage ribbon microphones. We recorded all the music in single takes. After listening to an initial playback, we knew that something special was afoot.

I will leave it to others (and to you, dear listener) to unravel and describe the music that we created. Buy locally when you purchase the disc. If you do not have a local record store, I suggest that you to order the disc from Downtown Music Gallery in New York. DMG is a stalwart supporter of the music, and one of our few remaining record stores (in the classic sense), the type of place that many of us learned (and still do) so much about music and those who create it."-Stephen Haynes

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