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Dorner, Axel: Super Axel Dorner (Absinth Records)

Extreme technique trumpeter Axel Dorner in two extended improvisations with spoken word artist/dancer Diego Chamy recording in the studio and at Electronic Church in Berlin.

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product information:

Limited and hand numbered edition. Hand made cardboard cover. Cover 50 cm x 18 cm (20" folded to 7" x 7").

Label: Absinth Records
Catalog ID: 018
Squidco Product Code: 13501

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2010
Country: Germany
Packaging: CD in a 10" record sleeve
Track 1 recorded at Axel Dorner's house in Berlin. Track 2 recorded live at Electronic Church in Berlin.


Axel Dorner-trumpet

Diego Chamy-percssion, spoken word, dance

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track listing:

1. April 20th, 2006 10:14

2. September 5th, 2006 28:37
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Improvised Music
European Improv, Free Jazz & Related
lowercase, micro-improv, sound improv
Spoken Word
Free Improvisation
Duo Recordings

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descriptions, reviews, &c.

"The first piece on this disc is composed of parts of an improvisation that we recorded at Axel Dörner's house in Berlin. The second one is a live performance at Electronic Church, in Berlin. During this performance, as well as I playing music and reading texts aloud, I also danced. Although the movements can't be seen on a recording, we believe that the music is in itself, worth to listening to. Moreover, I think that the tension of not seeing goes along with Axel's timing - an invisible Axel Dörner, an invisible audience, an invisible universe made out of images. Yet here I am about to describe the dance.

Most of the movements that I made during this performance were repetitive patterns that added a visual stratum to the repetitions that were already present in our music. It's not even an extra stratum, but a way of reinforcing the presentation of the repetition as something in itself instead of focusing on the substance or matter that is supposedly repeated. Some of the repetitive movements that I was making were abstract, but I guess most of them were based on everyday movements taken out of context. I wouldn't make any distinction between the abstract and the recognizable movements. I believe that to proceed in this manner is a way of escaping from the old abstract/concrete dichotomy. It's also quite an effective way of harming our capability to recognize and, therefore, a way of forcing the question about the unknown and the new.

Apart from these movements, I also worked with poses that resemble the ones of a model or a mannequin. I would hold a pose for quite a long time, on one spot of the stage, maintaining a certain amount of tension, releasing only micro movements. Then, I would suddenly stop posing by walking normally to another spot on the stage and recreate the pose there as if it had never been interrupted. It would be like a broken pose that is distributed with a certain sense of timing at two or more points of space; or as if one were folding together two supposedly separated spatial points. The music we were playing with Axel implies this breakage or these folds as well, but in pure time events instead of time-spatial ones (although I must say that for moments during the performance Axel was also moving, walking and slowly spinning).

I'd also like to mention that the sound that you'll hear at 8´51´´ of this performance is me ripping off my T-shirt. From then on, I performed the rest of the piece bare-chested. It was a very tense moment both for me and for the audience (I don't know about Axel, because when he saw me bare-chested after we bowed, he looked at me and said, "What happened?"). Now, after the series of performances that I've been doing with Axel and other artists since 2007, it seems incredible to me that a simple action like ripping off one's T-shirt during a concert would have been so effective at that time - but indeed, it was. This concert with Axel is important for me because I was in a time of transition, when I was gradually giving up playing music and starting to work more with dance and spoken words (and later on with concepts, actions, etc.). I think that Axel was maybe the only person who has worked with me time after time, no matter what kind of material I suggest."-Diego Chamy

Limited and hand numbered edition. Hand made cardboard cover. Cover 50 cm x 18 cm (20" folded to 7" x 7").

Artist Biographies:

"Axel Dörner (born 26 April 1964 in Cologne, Germany) is a German jazz musician (trumpet and piano) and composer.

Dörner studied piano in the Dutch town Arnhem (1988-89) and at the Music Academy in Cologne (1989-1996). From 1991 he studied trumpet with Malte Burba, and during his studies he collaborated with trumpeter Bruno Light in the "The Street Fighters Duo". At this time he also joined the ensembles "The Street Fighters Quartet" and "The Street Fighters Double Quartet" together with Matthias Schubert, Bruno Leicht, and Claudio Puntin. In addition the "Axel Dörner Quartet" was initiated (with Frank Gratkowski, Hans Schneider and Martin Blume). With saxophonist Matthias Petzold. he participated on the albums Lifelines and Psalmen Und Lobgesänge.

Dörner has resided in Berlin since 1994, and occurs in the most diverse settings like "The London Jazz Composers Orchestra" and with "Hedros" (together with Mats Gustafsson, Günter Christmann, Barry Guy and others). Since then he has contributed on more than 50 album recordings.

Dörner is distinguished mainly by his versatility. He bouth play the more traditional Bebop, just like he fits in to classic Free Jazz or electronic music. He playd with Otomo Yoshihide at the Donaueschinger Musiktage in 2005. Dörner play both solo concerts and collaborates with his trio "TOOT" (together with Phil Minton and Thomas Lehn) and "Die Anreicherung" with Christian Lillinger, Håvard Wiik and Jan Roder, and in Ken Vandermarks "Territory-Band". Dörner is an integral part of the Berlin scene of experimental new improvisational music. Dörner was given special attention for his interpretation of all compositions by Thelonious Monk, with the pianist Alexander von Schlippenbach and his own band "Die Enttäuschung" released on a three CD album (Monks Casino, Complete 2005)."-Wikipedia

-Wikipedia (

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